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California Could Radically Alter Amateur Rules In College Sports

By Tom Goldman

The California State Assembly is on the verge of passing a law that would make it possible for the state's college athletes to be paid for the use of their images to market products.

  • September 11th 2019 at 11:02

Altice channels back on Freebox

By Julian Clover

Agreement has been reached between Altice and Iliad, parent company of Free, over the retransmission of BFMTV , RMC Découverte and RMC Story.

The channels will now return to the Freebox having been absent since August 27.

The agreement refers simply to the linear channels and not any on demand services that are now being treated separately.

“This agreement allows the distribution by Free of the channels BFMTV, RMC Discovery and RMC Story to which are added the two local channels BFM Paris and BFM Lyon Métropole, Altice said in a statement.

Last week the channels also returned to Orange after a much shorter absence.

waipu.tv offers restart function and new channels

By JΓΆrn Krieger

German internet TV platform waipu.tv has introduced a restart function enabling viewers to set an ongoing TV show back to the beginning.

The function is available on all regular TV channels, but selected programmes on the ProSiebenSat.1 channels are excluded for legal reasons.

Restart can be used by all customers starting with the Perfect package and in the M and L tariffs of o2 TV powered by waipu.tv.

waipu.tv also plans to launch eight new channels in autumn 2019. The first is Watch4Crime, an advertising-financed service with national and international action and crime series. The new channel is available in all waipu.tv packages.

Premier Sports brings LaLiga channel to UK & Ireland

By Julian Clover

Live games from LaLiga will be shown on Premier Sports 1 and 2 following a three-year agreement with the Spanish football league.

Premier Sports will also launch LaLiga channel as an OTT service on its Premier Player in October and on Sky by January 2020. It will be available for £11.99 per month as part of the Premier Sports bundle or £5.99 as a standalone service.

“LaLiga is enjoyed across the globe, with an especially passionate fanbase in the UK and Ireland. Through our long-term partnership with Premier Sports, we’re happy to give fans of Spanish football a chance to enjoy LaLiga’s world-class content in a variety of formats,” said LaLiga President, Javier Tebas.

There had been doubts over the coverage of LaLiga in the UK market after ElevenSports pulled out of its contract at the end of last season. ITV picked up the season climax and has screened the first three weeks of the new campaign.

Richard Sweeney, CEO of Premier Sports said: “We are thrilled to be announcing this truly unique and game-changing agreement with LaLiga that signals the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Spanish football in the UK.”

Premier Sports will run a full programme of live matches from LaLiga Santander across Premier Sports 1 and 2 HD channels this weekend with extensive coverage in future weeks.

ProSiebenSat.1 and Vodafone trial addressable advertising via HbbTV

By JΓΆrn Krieger

[Watch Video] German media company ProSiebenSat.1 brings bumper ads, the short advertising spots from the online world, to its TV channels.

For Vodafone Deutschland and the new mobile phone tariff CallYa Digital, ProSiebenSat.1 advertising subsidiary SevenOne Media is rolling out an addressable TV advertising campaign. The Vodafone commercials will run on the ProSiebenSat.1 channels until the beginning of October 2019.

“Addressable TV adds completely new possibilities to TV advertising. The new short-form spots are one of these possible applications alongside targeting,” said Thomas Wagner, CEO of SevenOne Media. “Together with Vodafone and Wavemaker, we are now testing bumper ads on TV for the first time and are gathering experience in this area together with our customer – for example with regards to the advertising effectiveness. After a successful trial, such a product could go into regular operation in the next few months.”

Anne Stilling, head of marcomms and media at Vodafone, added: “With a broad-based TV campaign to launch a product like CallYa Digital, we are quickly achieving high reach. Addressable TV also enables us to address the young target group directly through new, fast formats and appropriate targeting. This is a promising combination! We are curious to see the results of the accompanying research study.”

Technically, the solution is based on HbbTV, as a ProSiebenSat.1 spokesman confirmed to Broadband TV News. On smart TV sets suitable for the HbbTV standard and connected to the internet, the entire advertising block is sent out online, enabling the exchange of individual spots for specific target groups.

How To Teach Future Doctors About Pain In The Midst Of The Opioid Crisis

By Nell Greenfieldboyce
Students in medical schools are about to become doctors in the midst of an opioid crisis. That

Around 20% of U.S. adults live with chronic pain. Medical schools traditionally haven't dedicated much time to teaching about pain and pain control, but one top school now has a mandatory course.

(Image credit: Tracy Lee for NPR)

  • September 11th 2019 at 11:02

Telekom Romania makes price promise

By Chris Dziadul

Telekom Romania has said it will not raise prices for a third time this year.

Speaking to Ziarul Financiar, Andreas Elsner, chief commercial officer, residential segment, Telekom Romania, added that the change – equivalent to €1 a month for fixed services – announced in August and due to come into effect next month, would be the last one.

He added that it was necessary as the operator’s fixed costs were higher than the revenues collected from customers and the company’s goal is to be profitable. Telekom Romania’s first price in this year, equivalent to around RON2 (€0.42) a month, was across the board for both residential and business customers.

In a separate development, Business Review reports that Telekom Romania has launched Smart WiFi, a service that offers fixed internet access through a mobile connection.

Croatia starts DVB-T2 transition

By Chris Dziadul

The Croatian national transmission company OiV has announced the start of the transition to the DVB-T2 standard in the country.

In a statement, it says it began on Friday, September 6 with HDTV broadcasting from the Sljeme transmitter on the new M2 multiplex.

It adds that simulcasting with DVB-T will continue until the latter is switched off in the middle of next year.

Thanks to DVB-T2, viewers will be offered a stronger signal that covers more of the population. Furthermore, a new multiple (M1) will bring together the main channels currently available in the country, namely HRT1, HRT2, RTL and Nova TV.

By mid-November 97% of Croatia’s population should be able to receive HD signals from the M2 multiplex.

Moreover, over 99% of the population will be reached by the M1 multiplex following the transition in mid-2020.

More than half of smartphone owners access video services

By Broadband TV News Correspondent

More than half of owners now using their smartphones to access video services.

The smartphone has taken a major step in its evolution from a voice-centric device to a media-centric platform, with more than 50 percent of owners now using their device to access video services on a monthly basis, according to a multinational survey conducted by IHS Markit|Technology.

An average of 53 percent of internet users across six countries now utilize their smartphones for video services both in and out of the home, as reported by the Out of Home Video Viewing Report 2019 from IHS Markit | Technology. Video-service usage varies widely among different countries, ranging from 42 percent of smartphone owners in Germany to 73 percent in India.

Owners across the different countries report using an average of 3.5 video services per month on their smartphones.

“Smartphones increasingly are transforming into multipurpose platforms—moving beyond voice communications to become media entertainment systems,” said Fateha Begum, associate director at IHS Markit | Technology. “As a result, video has become a key component of mobile strategies with smartphones adopting larger screens, more processing power and better picture quality. Wireless carriers now are bundling video services with data plans, a trend that’s likely to accelerate with the launch of 5G.”

Indian and Brazilian consumers favor smartphone video

Of the six markets surveyed, respondents in India were most likely to say they watch video content out of the home via mobile devices. Indians also view this content more frequently than residents of any other country surveyed, with nearly half claiming to do so at least once a day. Viewing rates are similar for live and on-demand content, with Indian respondents most likely to engage in both viewing types.

Smartphone owners in India access 5.9 video services monthly, the highest of any country surveyed.

In Brazil, two thirds of Internet users claim to watch video content out of the home on a monthly basis, with similar rates of viewership seen across live and on-demand content. A total of 73 percent of those watching out-of-home content in Brazil select long-form content types as their most watched out of home, higher than any other market. Films are most watched on mobile devices out of the home with 41 per cent selecting it, while TV shows lead in nearly all other markets.

“Smartphone owners in the developing economies of India and Brazil watch more video on smartphones due to lower broadband penetration and a lack of other connected devices capable of receiving Internet video services,” Begum said.

“In India, smartphones account for nearly eight in 10 Internet connected devices, compared to a global average of four in 10.??”

YouTube is the most accessed video service on smartphones across all countries. More than 80 percent of people who use smartphones for video access are using them to watch videos on YouTube on a monthly basis.

Other interesting developments in the out-of-home viewing market include:
– Those in urban areas are 60 percent more likely to stream live content out of the home on mobile devices than rural populations are.
– Data plans and content partnerships have been key in driving out-of-home video viewing in the past few years, particularly with the launch of 4G. Nearly two thirds of consumers who stream content out of the home on a monthly basis select long-form content types as their most watched type of video.
– Despite the high usage of smartphones as video consumption devices, only 14 percent of all respondents surveyed selected their phone as their first choice for a device when looking for something to watch.

IBC 2019: Zattoo to show content discovery 2.0 and VOD 2.0

By JΓΆrn Krieger

Zattoo has completely revised its content discovery and video-on-demand (VOD) offer and presents the new features live at IBC 2019 from September 13 to 17 (hall 14, booth G06).

Content discovery 2.0 focuses on the personalisation of recommendations as well as an enhanced search and selection function, enabling the company’s B2B customers to provide their end customers with new intuitive operating functions. Users can see all TV content at a glance and quickly find exactly what they are interested in, according to Zattoo.

“Relevant recommendations, a good search function and intuitive usability are the name of the game for every TV user – and thus for our B2B customers,” said Gernot Jaeger, Chief Officer B2B at Zattoo. “It’s how TV entertainment really makes fun – and gives our B2B customers the opportunity to create an attractive user experience, promote new offerings and continuously optimise the content mix. With the expanded possibilities of content discovery 2.0, we are creating potential for sustainable growth of our B2B customers.”

In the field of personalisation, Zattoo uses algorithm-based recommendation technologies that suggest content to TV users based on their previous viewing behaviour. Besides individual content, the recommendations can also be TV channels. The self-learning algorithms are capable of incorporating any type of content, according to Zattoo.

Swiss network operator Salt Mobile will soon use Zattoo’s recommendation technology for its T-VOD offer in an aim to increase the number of T-VOD purchases.

Last year, Salt introduced a disruptive TV solution in Switzerland with Apple and Zattoo. The main component is the Apple TV 4K box, which is being used with operator login for the first time outside the USA.

California passes labour bill in blow to Uber and Lyft

Law would make it harder to prove workers are contractors not employees

  • September 11th 2019 at 09:20

Frequent flyer: what will the future of flying look like?

High-tech electric aircraft are on the horizon. But what are the chances of more legroom?

  • September 11th 2019 at 06:00

Wilbur Ross At The Center Of Another Political Storm, This Time About The Weather

By Scott Horsley
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is under the microscope for reportedly pressuring government scientists to back President Trump over a misleading tweet about Hurricane Dorian.

Ross is under the microscope again — this time for reportedly pressuring government scientists to back President Trump over a misleading tweet about Hurricane Dorian.

(Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

  • September 10th 2019 at 23:57

NFL Season Kicks Off With Refuges For Fans With Sensory Needs To Take A Timeout

By Amy Held
Sheletta and Shawn Brundidge, alongside their four children, were the first fans to use the sensory room at the Minnesota Vikings

The Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings have all opened rooms in their stadiums for fans, including those with autism, who need a break from sensory overload.

(Image credit: Tami Hedrick/Minnesota Vikings)

  • September 10th 2019 at 23:15

How The Trump Administration's Attacks On Science Put Americans At Risk

NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with Gretchen Goldman, researcher with the Union of Concerned Scientists, about how the Trump administration's attacks on science have put Americans' health and safety at risk.

  • September 10th 2019 at 22:54

Did India’s Chandrayaan-2 Moon Lander Survive? The Chances Are Slim

By Kenneth Chang

In the history of spaceflight, robotic probes that malfunction while landing on another world are never heard from again.

Getting Aid To Bahamas Is A Logistical Nightmare As Support Systems 'Do Not Exist'

By Bobby Allyn
Several hundred Haitians and Bahamians wait at the port of Marsh Harbour in hopes of boarding a boat to Nassau on Friday.

"Anywhere we could put a warehouse has been destroyed by floodwaters and may not be safe for storing supplies," one aid group says of the widespread destruction brought by Hurricane Dorian.

(Image credit: Cheryl Diaz Meyer for NPR)

  • September 10th 2019 at 21:59

Apple Launches Video-Streaming Service For $4.99 A Month

By Avie Schneider
Apple CEO Tim Cook announces details of the company

Apple is entering the video-streaming race, taking on Netflix, Disney and others with a new monthly subscription of $4.99. The company also announced new iPhones, as their sales have been slowing.

(Image credit: Tony Avelar/AP)

  • September 10th 2019 at 21:39

EPA Chief Pledges To Severely Cut Back On Animal Testing Of Chemicals

By Nell Greenfieldboyce
The EPA says it aims to eliminate the testing of chemicals and pesticides in animals by 2035.

Alternative tests are emerging, the agency says, such as computer modeling and tissue studies of cells grown in the lab. Environmental advocates say the move is too quick, and disregards human health.

(Image credit: filo/Getty Images)

  • September 10th 2019 at 20:57

EPA Chief Pledges To Severely Cut Back On Animal Testing Of Chemicals

By Nell Greenfieldboyce
The EPA says it aims to eliminate the testing of chemicals and pesticides in animals by 2035.

Alternative tests are emerging, the agency says, such as computer modeling and tissue studies of cells grown in the lab. Environmental advocates say the move is too quick, and disregards human health.

(Image credit: filo/Getty Images)

  • September 10th 2019 at 20:57