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We Went to the Moon. Why Can’t We Solve Climate Change?

By John Schwartz

The original moon shoot inspired billions. Calling climate action a moon shot isn’t a perfect parallel — but maybe we should try it anyway.

New class of black holes may exist, scientists say

By Christopher Carbone

An entirely new class of black holes that scientists were unaware of may exist, according to a study.

California wildfires signal a β€˜fire age,’ expert claims

By Christopher Carbone

California's raging wildfires have consumed tens of thousands of acres, displaced thousands and knocked out power -- but could the planet be entering a new age of fire?

Neanderthals used eagle talons as jewelry, scientists say

By Christopher Carbone

The toe bone of a 39,000-year-old eagle suggests that Neanderthals made pendants and ornaments from the birds' talons.

Gigantic tsunami pushed boulders as heavy as tanks inland, scientists say

By Christopher Carbone

A gigantic and powerful tsunami with 49-foot waves that tossed boulders as heavy as tanks inundated Oman about 1,000 years ago, scientists say.

Carved rock could be world's oldest chess piece

By Christopher Carbone

A small object that was discovered in what's now southern Jordan seems to be the world's oldest known chess piece.

December β€˜cold’ full moon is the decade’s last

By Christopher Carbone

The full moon of December -- which is the final one of this decade -- arrives tonight just after midnight.

Archaeologists find Bronze Age tombs containing trove of gold artifacts

By Christopher Carbone

Archaeologists have discovered a trove of engraved jewelry and artifacts in two Bronze Age tombs that could shine a new light on life in ancient Greece.