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Today β€” July 22nd 2019Technology

Inside Samsung’s $116bn plan to overtake chip rivals

Battle lines drawn with TSMC as S Korean group sets sight on $70bn processor market

  • July 22nd 2019 at 07:12

Last week in telecoms: Vodafone and Telenor receive approval for takeovers, as earnings season kicks off

(Telecompaper) A number of mergers and investments, as well as Q2's first earnings reports, set the tone in the telecoms sector last week. The winners included Turk Telekom (+5.8%), Rostelecom (+5.5%), Intelsat (+5.4%) and Altice Europe (+5.4%). That could however not prevent the Telecompaper Stock Index European Telecoms Service ending week 29 down 1.4 percent, lagging the EuropStoxx 50 (-0.5%). Several German shares were the biggest losers, including 1&1 Drillisch (-13%), United Internet (-10%) and Tele Columbus (-7.7%).

  • July 22nd 2019 at 07:05

Last week in media: Netflix leads sector down, exceptions include Gannett, AMC Entertainment and NENT Group

(Telecompaper) Earnings season kicked off in a negative way with Netflix reporting disappointing net additions, although its Scandinavian peer the NENT Group faired much better after reporting. The Telecompaper Stock Index Global Media ended week 29 down 2.9 percent, versus a loss of 1.2 percent for the S&P 500. Most stocks in our index were down for the week, but there were two double-digit winners: publisher Gannett (+16%) on merger talk and theatre chain AMC Entertainment (+11%) apparently on a bullish analyst report. ComScore (-17%), Netflix (-16%) and Snap (-10%) should have been avoided last week.

  • July 22nd 2019 at 07:00

Circuit breakers trip, shares soar as China's Nasdaq-style bourse debuts

Trading hit a fever pitch, with shares rocketing as much as 520%, as China's new Nasdaq-style board for homegrown tech firms debuted on Monday, with valuations exceeding even the expectations of veteran investors braced for a wild ride.

Circuit breakers trip as China's Nasdaq-style bourse debuts

Trading hit a feverish pitch on China's new Nasdaq-style board for homegrown tech firms on its debut on Monday, with most stocks surging and drawing attention away from the main board.

Apollo 11 pilot Michael Collins disagrees with return to moon, wants straight shot to Mars

By Sam Dorman

Michael Collins, the command module pilot on Apollo 11, expressed disagreement with the administration's focus on reaching the moon as a starting point before reaching Mars -- arguing that it should instead direct its efforts towards going directly to the red giant.

Buzz Aldrin predicts Artemis program will leave decades-long legacy like Apollo

By Sam Dorman

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin -- the second man to walk on the moon -- predicted that President Trump's "Artemis" program would bring decades of progress like the United States saw with the Apollo program that launched him into space.

Toyota fetches new way to use AI, self-drive tech in Tokyo Games

Miniature remote controlled cars have proved to be a crowd pleaser at track and field throwing events, but for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Toyota Motor Corp is upping the game with a hi-tech way to fetch javelins and hammers: pint-sized, self-driving A.I. robot cars.

Start-Up Says It’s Changing Eye Care for the Better. Others See It Differently.

By Sapna Maheshwari

Hubble offers customers contact lens subscriptions at low monthly prices. Critics say it bypasses eye care professionals, doesn’t properly vet prescriptions and takes advantage of federal regulations to the detriment of consumers.

Tech jobs spread out from London across UK

Regional cities say companies are being drawn by lower cost of living

  • July 22nd 2019 at 00:00
Yesterday β€” July 21st 2019Technology

Rescued turtle manages to return to the group that saved the animal nearly 2 decades ago

By David Aaro

It could be described as fate, luck or good timing. A female turtle rescued by a conservation group as an egg was miraculously returned to the same New Jersey wetlands group almost 19 years later to the day that they released it back into the wild.

Employees can help to make Big Tech ethical

Workers should leverage their status to make social change for good

  • July 21st 2019 at 18:36

Why the wheels fell off China’s tech boomΒ 

Investors are shunning the country’s crowded IT scene. Some companies are now burning through cash to win market share 

  • July 21st 2019 at 06:00

An assault on the senses: What attending a rocket launch is like

In the heat of a Kazakhstan night, we stood 900m (2,952ft) from the launchpad where a Soyuz rocket readied for take-off. 

  • July 20th 2019 at 21:40
Before yesterdayTechnology

Newly discovered shark species squirts glowing clouds from pockets

By David Aaro

A tiny shark discovered in the Gulf of Mexico with mysterious pouches near its front fins has turned out to be a new species, scientists say.

The Week in Business: A Suddenly Vulnerable Netflix

By Graham Starr

Plus, the fight for a $15 minimum wage and a Russian viral app that may be dangerous. (It’s not. It just makes you look older.)