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Today β€” November 17th 2019Technology

'This Isn't Speech:' Attorney Carrie Goldberg On Revenge Porn

By Michel Martin

Attorney and author Carrie Goldberg was the target of revenge porn from an ex-boyfriend, and now she's built a practice helping people in similar situations. Her new book is Nobody's Victim.

(Image credit: Petra Mayer/NPR)

  • November 16th 2019 at 23:22
Yesterday β€” November 16th 2019Technology

North Korea nuclear test equivalent to '17 times the size' of Hiroshima

By Chris Ciaccia

The North Korea nuclear test in early September 2017 was so powerful that it resulted in an entire mountain being lifted off the ground and was the equivalent of "17 times the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima," according to a new study.

Apple Bans Vaping-Related Apps

By Shannon Bond

Apple has removed 181 vaping-related apps from its App Store. The move comes amid growing concern over the health effects of e-cigarettes and the rise of vaping-related illnesses among young people.

  • November 16th 2019 at 14:02

Epstein's Death Becomes A Meme

NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Don Caldwell of knowyourmeme.com about the conspiracy theories about the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

  • November 16th 2019 at 14:02

Cache crunch: Google-Citi deal could change banking

Others likely to follow tie-up between West Coast tech and East Coast finance

  • November 16th 2019 at 05:00

Twitter and targeting

Amazon appeals Pentagon decision, late-stage start-up funding bonanza, Alibaba’s Hong Kong faith

  • November 16th 2019 at 04:14

Why Apple’s smart glasses are such long time coming

Technical difficulties make augmented-reality eyewear very different to smartphone

  • November 15th 2019 at 23:00
Before yesterdayTechnology

Supreme Court to Hear Google and Oracle Copyright Case

By Adam Liptak

The justices agreed to decide whether the search giant was liable for billions in a dispute over its Android operating system.

Twitter sets out exemptions to political ad ban

Company grapples with criticism from Elizabeth Warren and others over curbs on campaign groups

  • November 15th 2019 at 20:38

The Work Diary of an Audio Erotica C.E.O.

By Erin Griffith

Dipsea’s Gina Gutierrez spends her days setting investors straight and moderating “Hunks Brainstorm” sessions.

Navy UFO mystery deepens amid disclosure that 'unknown individuals' told officers to erase evidence

By Chris Ciaccia

Much consternation has occurred since the U.S. Navy acknowledged that the 2004 videos of an encounter with a UFO were real. Now, a new report notes that several Naval officers who witnessed the event, known as the USS Nimitz UFO incident, were told to delete evidence by "unknown individuals."

NASA's next Mars mission will look for signs of alien life

By Chris Ciaccia

NASA recently discovered an oasis on Mars that may have once hosted life and an upcoming mission to the Red Planet is going to see if there is any fossilized evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Venice suffers worst flooding in 50 years, mayor blames climate change

By Brandon Specktor

Venice is in a state of emergency as the Italian city deals with the aftermath of one of the worst floods in its history.