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Today β€” September 18th 2019Environment

Using AI In Malawi To Save Elephants

By Dina Temple-Raston

Poachers killed almost a third of the African elephant population between 2007 and 2014, a recent census found. Researchers hope artificial intelligence can help stop poachers and other threats, too.

  • September 17th 2019 at 22:29
Yesterday β€” September 17th 2019Environment

Meat Is Murder. But You Know That Already.

By Mark Bittman

In his new essay collection, “We Are the Weather,” Jonathan Safran Foer turns his attention to the climate crisis. Mark Bittman weighs in.

Climate Strike N.Y.C.: 1.1 Million Can Skip School for Protest

By Anne Barnard

The city will not penalize those who attend global youth climate strikes on Friday, Sept. 20. “This completely changes things,” one student said.

Before yesterdayEnvironment

Vineyards Facing An Insect Invasion May Turn To Aliens For Help

By Dan Charles
An adult spotted lanternfly searches for tasty grapevines at Vynecrest Vineyards and Winery, near Allentown, Pa.

A stowaway from China, the spotted lanternfly, is eating its way across Pennsylvania, killing trees and grapevines. Scientists are considering importing the bug's natural enemies from back home.

(Image credit: Dan Charles/NPR)

  • September 16th 2019 at 20:50

Trump Inspires California Lawmakers to Go on Offense

By Tim Arango, Thomas Fuller and Jose A. Del Real

California Democrats have been energized by a wave of anti-Trump sentiment to enact a sweeping liberal agenda that in almost every way offers a counternarrative to Trump administration policies.

A Fire Lookout On What's Lost In A Transition To Technology

By Nathan Rott
Philip Connors has spent 17 summers as a fire lookout in the Gila National Forest. Lookouts are the eyes in the forest, even as the forests they watch have changed, shaped by developers, shifting land management policies and climate change.

The number of manned fire lookouts in the U.S. is dwindling, as technology is increasingly used to spot and monitor wildfires. But can technology replace a human watch?

(Image credit: Nathan Rott/NPR)

  • September 15th 2019 at 12:00

Alaska Villages Run Dry And Residents Worry About A 'Future Of No Water'

By Renee Gross
Resident Anthony Brewster checks to see how much water is in Nanwalek

The remote community of Nanwalek on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula is accessible only by boat or seaplane. Now, it's running out of water because of a lack of rainfall and low snowpack.

(Image credit: Renee Gross/KBBI)

  • September 14th 2019 at 13:59

Indigenous Brazilians Come Together To Defend Amazon Forest Against Fires

By Catherine Osborn

Indigenous Brazilians are joining forces to defend the Amazon forest from fires set by invaders on their land. More than a dozen indigenous groups met recently to strategize.

  • September 13th 2019 at 23:33

Greta Thunberg To U.S.: 'You Have A Moral Responsibility' On Climate Change

By Bill Chappell
Greta Thunberg says she wants people to use the power of their votes to elect leaders who will work to reduce carbon emissions and slow global warming.

The young Swedish activist led a protest at the White House on Friday. But she wasn't looking to go inside. "I don't want to meet with people who don't accept the science," she says.

(Image credit: Mhari Shaw/NPR)

  • September 13th 2019 at 21:23

Interior Dept. Takes Next Step Toward Sale of Drilling Leases in Arctic Refuge

By Henry Fountain

The Trump administration released a final environmental report on the plan for oil and gas development in a pristine part of Alaska.

EPA Confirms The Agency Is Changing Water Policy

By Nathan Rott

The Trump administration announced significant rollbacks of Obama-era EPA regulations. How could the policy change affect the environmental landscape, and what could opponents do to fight it?

  • September 13th 2019 at 11:09

News Brief: Presidential Debate, EPA Changes Clean Water Rules

By David Greene

As the Democratic primary field narrows, those seeking the party's nomination sharpened their debate message in Houston. And, the EPA makes the rollback of clean water rules official.

  • September 13th 2019 at 11:09

Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Water Rule

By Nathan Rott

The Trump administration is repealing a major Obama-era water rule that had extended federal protections to smaller streams and wetlands. The move will lift a range of restrictions on farmers and developers.

  • September 12th 2019 at 22:24

Trump Administration Rolls Back Clean Water Protections

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman

The administration is expected to complete the repeal of a major Obama-era regulation that put limits on chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and water bodies.

Trump Administration to Roll Back Clean Water Protections

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman

The administration is expected to complete the repeal of a major Obama-era regulation that put limits on chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and water bodies.