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Today β€” July 22nd 2019Health

Meghan McCain reveals she was 'petrified' to disclose miscarriage, speaks out again

By Francesca Gariano

Meghan McCain thanked her fans on Instagram for the support following her New York Times op-ed about her recent miscarriage.

  • July 21st 2019 at 19:53

Cameron Boyce's mother breaks her silence on son's death in moving tribute

By Ronnie Koenig

The mom of the late Disney star posted a photo of her with her son two weeks after his sudden death.

  • July 21st 2019 at 17:20

Shawn Johnson shares optimistic update after pregnancy complications

By Francesca Gariano

"I feel like I could breathe for the first time in four weeks."

  • July 21st 2019 at 00:43

Access to mental health care is challenging, but new programs offer hope

By Meghan Holohan

Finding affordable, good treatment for mental health remains difficult to many. Yet, some new programs offer hope.

  • July 20th 2019 at 01:18

Meghan McCain reveals she had a miscarriage

By Alyssa Newcomb

"I told myself... this is my fault. Yet it is not my fault."

  • July 19th 2019 at 23:15

Sharon Stone says people were 'brutally unkind' after she suffered a stroke

By Alyssa Newcomb

Stone, who had a stroke in 2001, wants other women to learn the warning signs.

  • July 19th 2019 at 23:09

Shawn Johnson reveals pregnancy complications in emotional video

By Randee Dawn

"I felt like someone knocked every ounce of air out of me."

  • July 19th 2019 at 22:07

Heatstroke leads to death of 32-year-old former NFL player Mitch Petrus

By Drew Weisholtz

The one-time Super Bowl champion's death points to concerns about staying safe as temperatures are expected to sizzle around the country this weekend.

  • July 19th 2019 at 20:54

5 years later, man with ALS who popularized Ice Bucket Challenge still inspires

By Scott Stump

Pete Frates continues to be a symbol of hope five years after helping to inspire the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised millions toward treatment and to help find a cure for ALS.

  • July 19th 2019 at 18:33

'Property Brothers' sibling praises fiancΓ©e for caring for him during his illness

By Gina Vivinetto

J.D. Scott, older brother of HGTV’s Jonathan and Drew Scott, gushed about his fiancée, Annalee Belle.

  • July 19th 2019 at 00:14

Woman shamed for β€˜inappropriate dress’ at wedding reception fights back

By Stephanie Stephens

Liz Krueger, a fitness coach who wore a form-fitting body-con dress to a wedding reception, says she was body-shamed for her choice.

  • July 17th 2019 at 23:09

'Get your skin checked': Reality TV star opens up about skin cancer diagnosis

By Gina Vivinetto

The lifestyle blogger, 30, told fans the pic was taken right after she had surgery to remove a mole on her back that was diagnosed as malignant melanoma.

  • July 17th 2019 at 20:42

Concerned about flesh-eating bacteria? Here is everything you need to know

By Shamard Charles M.D.

Cases of the deadly infection, called necrotizing fasciitis, may be on the rise because of climate change.

  • July 17th 2019 at 20:11

12 symptoms of 'the terminator' brain cancer you shouldn't ignore

By A. Pawlowski

There's no cure, so the most important thing you can do is not to ignore the warning signs.

  • July 17th 2019 at 19:49

Heat wave danger: Baby burned by scalding water from outdoor garden hose

By A. Pawlowski

Water sitting in a garden hose that's exposed to summer sun can reach up to 190 degrees.

  • July 17th 2019 at 19:32

Popular hummus brands recalled over listeria concerns

By Kerry Breen

Traces of listeria were found at a manufacturing plant for Pita Pal Foods, causing concern over potential contamination.

  • July 17th 2019 at 19:07

It’s a heat wave! 9 signs you may be dehydrated

By Gabrielle Frank

Dehydration is a serious health concern — especially during the summer. Here are a few symptoms to be aware of.

  • July 17th 2019 at 17:18

Family warns of electric shock drowning after girl, 9, dies in pool accident

By Lindsay Lowe

McKenzie Kinley's parents are warning others about the dangers of electric shock drowning after she was electrocuted by a pool light that needed repair.

  • July 17th 2019 at 16:54

This man lost over 600 pounds by simply tracking what he ate every day

By Meghan Holohan

After avoiding doctors for years, Rafael Zuniga had no idea his weight had reached 831 pounds. After a health scare, he tracked what he ate to lose weight.

  • July 16th 2019 at 22:49