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Today β€” February 24th 2020NYT Environment

Can Corporations Stop Climate Change?

One letter to executives around the world has prioritized climate change on corporate agendas. But will this make a difference without government regulation?

The Fires Are Out, but Australia’s Climate Disasters Aren’t Over

By Damien Cave and Matthew Abbott

Devastating floods came soon after the bush fires. Scientists call it “compound extremes,” as one catastrophe intensifies the next.

Yesterday β€” February 23rd 2020NYT Environment

The Agriculture Queens of Louisiana

By Jeanie Riess

As climate change threatens exports like oysters and rice, residents cling to a pageant tradition that celebrates them.

Before yesterdayNYT Environment

Adapting to Rising Seas, Schools Move to the Rafters and Cats Swim

By Hannah Beech and Jes Aznar

On an island in the Philippines, waterlogged for one-third of every year, residents adjust to their sodden existence instead of fleeing.

Knitters Chronicle Climate Change One Stitch at a Time

By Laura M. Holson

Volunteers use different colors of yarn to make “temperature scarves” that serve as fashionable records of a warming world.

β€˜Like an Umbrella Had Covered the Sky’: Locust Swarms Despoil Kenya

By Abdi Latif Dahir

At first, villagers thought the dark, dense blot in the sky was a harmless cloud. Then came the terrifying realization that the locusts had arrived.

Warmest January Ever Puts 2020 on Track to Be One of Top 10 Hottest Years

By Henry Fountain

Global average temperatures for the month were 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit above average and slightly higher than in January 2016, the previous record-holder.

Reading the Past in Old, Urine-Caked Rat’s Nests

By Marion Renault

Scientists worked out what lived in part of the Western United States tens of thousands of years ago by studying DNA found in pack rat middens.

The Republican Climate Agenda

By Lisa Friedman and Miranda Green

Also this week, booze and global warming

Oil and Gas May Be a Far Bigger Climate Threat Than We Knew

By Hiroko Tabuchi

The findings add urgency of efforts to cut emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas routinely leaked or intentionally released into the atmosphere.

Jeff Bezos Commits $10 Billion to Address Climate Change

By Karen Weise

The world’s richest man unveiled a fund to help climate scientists and activists, an escalation of his philanthropic efforts.

Plant-Based Meat Has Roots in the 1970s

By Clyde Haberman

Americans looking to cut back on meat are following a movement forged by a groundbreaking book, ‘Diet for a Small Planet.’

The End of Australia as We Know It

By Damien Cave and Matthew Abbott

What many of us have witnessed this fire season feels alive and monstrous. With climate change forcing a relaxed country to stumble toward new ways of work, leisure and life, will politics follow?

Damming the Lower Mekong, Devastating the Ways and Means of Life

By Hannah Beech and Adam Dean

Thailand funded the first dam on the river in Laos, and it is Thai towns, farms and fisheries that are suffering.

Rajendra Pachauri, 79, Dies; Led Nobel-Winning Climate Agency

By John Schwartz

Sharing the prize with Al Gore, his U.N. organization was recognized for its work on global warming, but his career was undone by harassment accusations.

As Sea Levels Rise, Scientists Offer a Bold Idea: Dam the North Sea

By Claire Moses

A proposal to build two huge barriers — one that would connect Norway to Scotland, the other France to England — was described as a warning about the urgency of the climate crisis.