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Today β€” December 14th 2019NYT Environment

As U.N. Climate Talks Go to Overtime, a Battle for the β€˜Spirit’ of the Paris Pact

By Somini Sengupta

World leaders meeting in Madrid remained at loggerheads on Saturday about whether they could commit, just on paper, to raise voluntary climate targets next year.

Yesterday β€” December 13th 2019NYT Environment

Nature’s Best Poetry of 2019: Clouds

By Josephine Sedgwick

Every day, members of the Cloud Appreciation Society post photos of the sky from around the world. This is why they stop to look up.

How We Made Images of Methane, an Invisible Gas

By Jonah M. Kessel

We went to one of the world’s biggest oil fields with an infrared camera to find out what’s leaking into the sky.

Before yesterdayNYT Environment

Trump Mocks Greta Thunberg on Twitter, and She Jabs Back

By Derrick Bryson Taylor

Michelle Obama urged the 16-year-old climate activist to “ignore the doubters” after the president’s comments.

Greta Thunberg Is Time Person of the Year for 2019

By Derrick Bryson Taylor

The 16-year-old from Stockholm rose to global prominence this year with her impassioned pleas for governments to take far-reaching action to avert climate catastrophe.

E.U. Climate Plan Would Sweeten Deal for Coal Countries

By Matina Stevis-Gridneff

If approved, the proposal would pay nations that rely heavily on fossil fuels to change their ways.

The Most-Read Food Stories of 2019

By Sara Bonisteel

From articles on climate change to a review of a Brooklyn institution, the most popular stories this year were ones that prompted reader discussion.

Climate Change Is Ravaging the Arctic, Report Finds

By Kendra Pierre-Louis

It was another very warm year in the region, leading to low winter sea ice and growing concerns over sea level rise.

New York Loses Climate Change Fraud Case Against Exxon Mobil

By John Schwartz

A state judge ruled in favor of Exxon Mobil in a lawsuit claiming the company committed fraud in its accounting for the costs of climate change.

France to Partner with Brazil States on Amazon, Bypassing Bolsonaro

By Reuters

France and a group of Brazilian states plan to announce a partnership to preserve the Amazon rainforest, bypassing Brazil’s federal government after a spat between the presidents of the two countries.

The Great Recycling Con

By Tala Schlossberg and Nayeema Raza

The greatest trick companies ever played was making us think we could recycle their products.

As Water Runs Low, Can Life in the Outback Go On?

By Livia Albeck-Ripka

In Australia’s vast interior, rivers and lakes are disappearing. “We’re starting to glimpse what the future is going to be like,” one scientist said.

World’s Oceans Are Losing Oxygen Rapidly, Study Finds

By Kendra Pierre-Louis

A new report found that oxygen levels in the world’s oceans declined by 2 percent over 50 years, threatening marine life around the planet.

PG&E Reaches $13.5 Billion Deal With Wildfire Victims

By Ivan Penn, Lauren Hepler and Peter Eavis

The agreement could help tens of thousands of residents rebuild while helping to resolve the utility’s bankruptcy.