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Today β€” October 19th 2019NYT Environment

Trump Taps Dan Brouillette to Succeed Rick Perry as Energy Secretary

By Lisa K. Friedman and Mariel Padilla

Mr. Brouillette, the deputy secretary of energy, will be nominated to take over from Mr. Perry, who said he would resign amid scrutiny over his role in the Ukraine scandal.

New Energy Secretary Fits Trend: Cabinet Dominated by Lobbyists

By Lisa Friedman

President Trump said he would “drain the swamp,” but with the elevation of a former auto lobbyist to be energy secretary, he is sticking to the trend of filling his cabinet with Washington insiders.

Yesterday β€” October 18th 2019NYT Environment

Are Clues to the Coming Winter Blowing in the Autumn Wind?

By Adam Sobel

The strikingly volatile weather in many parts of the country does tell us something about the future — but probably not what kind of winter we are in for.

Perry to Resign as Energy Secretary

By Maggie Haberman and Lisa Friedman

Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas who has become enmeshed in the Ukraine scandal, said he would resign as secretary of energy.

In Oregon Wine Country, One Farmer’s Battle to Save the Soil

By Eric Asimov

Agriculture can play a leading role in combating climate change and reversing ecological damage. Mimi Casteel is showing one way to get it done.

Before yesterdayNYT Environment

France’s Far Right Wants to Be an Environmental Party, Too

By Norimitsu Onishi

Rooted in the idealization of the land and French identity, the National Rally’s approach focuses on the local and dovetails with its push to strengthen borders.

Court Blocks Trump’s Plan to Ease Bird Protections on Oil Lands

By Lisa Friedman

A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration's plans to ease protections on an iconic western bird's habitat -- and open it to oil and gas exploration.

One Thing You Can Do: Consider a Heat Pump

By Tik Root and Nadja Popovich

Also this week, rising emissions on America’s roads

Japan Spent Mightily to Soften Nature’s Wrath, but Can It Ever Be Enough?

By Ben Dooley, Makiko Inoue and Eimi Yamamitsu

After a typhoon’s record-breaking rains breached dozens of levees, the country is wondering whether even the costliest systems can be future-proofed for the age of climate change.

Staring Down Donald Trump, the Same Elephant in Every Room

By Jody Rosen

We all know what it’s like to be ambushed by the president, at least in our Twitter feeds. That’s why a clip of Greta Thunberg scowling at him went viral.

Forest Service Backs an End to Limits on Roads in Alaska’s Tongass Forest

By Coral Davenport

The Forest Service called lifting all restrictions on roads in Alaska's Tongass National Forest its "preferred option."  A final decision is expected next year. 

Using Old Cellphones to Listen for Illegal Loggers

By Mike Ives

Indonesian villagers are trying out a treetop surveillance system that uses recycled phones and artificial intelligence software to detect chain saws.

The New Makers of Plant-Based Meat? Big Meat Companies

By David Yaffe-Bellany

Tyson, Smithfield, Perdue and Hormel have all rolled out meat alternatives, filling supermarket shelves with an array of plant-based burgers, meatballs and chicken nuggets.

Air Pollution Is Linked to Miscarriages in China, Study Finds

By Amy Qin

A new study published on Monday adds to growing evidence of the negative health effects of air pollution on pregnant women and their fetuses.