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Before yesterdayNYT Environment

A Rescue Plan for the Planet? Watch Our Debate Here.

By The New York Times

A virtual event with eight speakers and one question: Has Covid-19 created a blueprint for combating climate change?

NOAA Officials Feared Firings After Trump’s Hurricane Claims, Inspector General Says

By Christopher Flavelle and Lisa Friedman

The report found White House pressure led to NOAA’s rebuke of forecasters who contradicted Mr. Trump’s inaccurate claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.

6 Takeaways From the Biden-Sanders Joint Task Force Proposals

By Maggie Astor, Lisa Friedman, Dana Goldstein, Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Margot Sanger-Katz and Jim Tankersley

Signature progressive programs like “Medicare for all” and the Green New Deal did not make it into the recommendations. But Senator Bernie Sanders’s allies pushed some policies to the left.

Japan’s Deadly Combination: Climate Change and an Aging Society

By Motoko Rich, Makiko Inoue and Hisako Ueno

Record-breaking rains this week in the country’s southernmost main island, which have killed 62, have shown the vulnerability of people living in nursing homes.

How Wildfires Make Covid More Dangerous

By Julia Rosen and Henry Fountain

Also this week, our reporter battles wild wind and a leaky air mattress

Intense Arctic Wildfires Set a Pollution Record

By Somini Sengupta

High temperatures and dry soil mean ideal conditions for fires. Blazes in June produced more carbon emissions than any other fires in almost two decades of monitoring.

Sunrun to Acquire Vivint in Shake-Up of Home Solar Market

By Ivan Penn

Sunrun is acquiring Vivint in an all-stock deal, valued at $3.2 billion, leaving Tesla further behind as a provider of residential solar panels and batteries.

365 Elephants Died in Botswana. The Cause Is a Mystery

By Rachel Nuwer

Some conservationists say the recent die-off in Botswana could be natural, but others expressed more concern.

Dakota Access Pipeline to Shut Down Pending Review, Federal Judge Rules

By Jacey Fortin and Lisa Friedman

The ruling, a victory for the Native American and environmentalist groups who oppose the pipeline, said that it must be emptied of oil by Aug. 5.

Biden’s Big Climate Decision: Will He Embrace His Task Force’s Goals?

By Lisa Friedman and Katie Glueck

The former vice president’s allies and some of the Democratic Party’s leading progressives have quietly started to forge common ground to shape a climate plan before Election Day.

Commuting, and Confronting History, on a Remote Canadian Railway

By ChloΓ« Ellingson

The Tshiuetin line, the first railroad in North America owned and operated by First Nations people, is a symbol of reclamation and defiance for the communities it serves.

Severe Flooding in Southern Japan Swamps Nursing Home

By Gerry Mullany

Officials said that at least 16 people had died as a result of the deluge and mudslides that struck the island of Kyushu overnight.

After Fighting Plastic in β€˜Paradise Lost,’ Sisters Take On Climate Change

By Richard C. Paddock and Nyimas Laula

Melati and Isabel Wijsen began campaigning to reduce plastic waste in Bali seven years ago. Now 19 and 17, they say the pandemic shows that stark measures to protect the planet are possible.