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Today β€” August 20th 2019FoxNews Health

Woman left with 'Harry Potter' scar after skin cancer removed from forehead

By Madeline Farber

A British woman who used tanning beds for years later developed skin cancer on her forehead that, after it was removed, left her with a “Harry Potter”-looking scar.

Breast cancer guidelines say more women may need gene test

More women may benefit from gene testing for hereditary breast or ovarian cancer, especially if they've already survived cancer once, an influential health group recommended Tuesday.

Plague-infected prairie dogs in Colorado pose health risk to humans, areas of wildlife refuge remain closed

By Madeline Farber

Parts of a wildlife refuge near Denver, Colorado remains closed after a colony of prairie dogs was infected with plague, a serious bacterial infection that can spread to humans, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced. 

Weight Watchers under fire for children's weight loss app that critics say promotes eating disorders

By Paulina Dedaj

Weight Watchers came under fire this month after releasing a weight loss app for children and young teens that critics says encourages them to develop eating disorders. 

Yesterday β€” August 19th 2019FoxNews Health

Man suffered groin blisters, severe burns after leaving hair removal cream on too long

By Alexandria Hein

A man in the U.K. has allegedly been in the hospital for weeks and will remain there for several more after he reportedly left hair removal cream on his groin for a few minutes too long, resulting in gruesome blisters and painful burns.

Possible vaping, severe lung illness link sparks CDC probe

By Madeline Farber

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating whether or not lung illnesses reported across multiple states are linked to vaping. 

Before yesterdayFoxNews Health