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Today β€” April 21st 2019Today.com Health

The unseen struggle: Share your stories about infertility with TODAY

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 21-27. Please share your story about infertility and how it affected you with our TODAY Parenting Team.

  • April 20th 2019 at 17:19

Can hypnosis cure a fear of flying? 1 woman gives it a try

By Christina Anderson

Hypnosis is a strategy many people use to quit smoking, lose weight or conquer their fear of flying. Could it work for you? One woman gives it a try.

  • April 19th 2019 at 21:15

Jenna finds out from Meredith what β€˜the change’ really means

By Julie Pennell

Jenna's mom, former first lady Laura Bush, even chimed in!

  • April 19th 2019 at 19:00

Kids are now 'eating' plastic food wrappers in the latest internet video challenge

By Julie Pennell

It's called the "shell on" challenge and now teens are munching on egg shells, fruit peels and even plastic packaging.

  • April 19th 2019 at 17:55

After having β€˜tubes tied,’ women report painful side effects that doctors never mention

By Meghan Holohan

For some women, sterilization leads to all sorts of awful symptoms that they refer to as post-tubal ligation syndrome. Experts say more research is needed on the topic.

  • April 18th 2019 at 21:19

'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller posts gripping pic of scar from spinal surgery

By Ree Hines

It's been one year since the dance instructor and reality TV star underwent an emergency surgery.

  • April 18th 2019 at 19:12

As cases of measles rise, should parents ask, 'Is your child vaccinated?'

By Anna Almendrala

Is checking for vaccinations in high-risk communities an overreaction or common sense?

  • April 18th 2019 at 19:03

What happened when I ate fish at every meal for a year

By A. Pawlowski

He was a one-man experiment in a world crazy about omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil supplements.

  • April 18th 2019 at 17:23

Alex Trebek gives fans health update after wrapping 'Jeopardy!' season

By Gina Vivinetto

The beloved "Jeopardy!" host revealed last month he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

  • April 17th 2019 at 23:27

Jamie-Lynn Sigler on postpartum training: 'I have MS and I am still strong'

By Gina Vivinetto

The former "Sopranos" star shared photos showing the results of her strength training exercises.

  • April 17th 2019 at 22:26

β€˜It’s never too late’: Woman loses 117 pounds at 48 years old

By Meghan Holohan

When Beth Dammarell realized she needed to lose weight she turned to food journaling and walking. Since losing 117 pounds she loves her new life.

  • April 17th 2019 at 20:16

'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner says social media criticism led to depression

By Scott Stump

The actress who plays Sansa Stark says social media criticism of her appearance on "Game of Thrones" led to depression.

  • April 17th 2019 at 18:32

Woman, 35, who died of cancer urges people to 'live a little' in viral obituary

By A. Pawlowski

When Bailey Jean Matheson found out she had two years to live, she decided to make the most out the time she had left. She wanted others to do the same.

  • April 17th 2019 at 18:04

Chips Ahoy issues nationwide cookie recall amid reports of 'adverse health effects'

By Drew Weisholtz

Check your kitchen cabinets for any packages for Chewy Chips Ahoy.

  • April 16th 2019 at 22:01

Scientists predict coming tick season: How bad will Lyme risk be this year?

By Linda Carroll

Predicting the tick population isn’t about how harsh the winter was. It’s about acorns and mice, say experts.

  • April 16th 2019 at 18:08

Watch Savannah and Jenna dance live on the plaza to celebrate Get Fit TODAY

By Drew Weisholtz

It looks like all the hard work these two have put in to the Get Fit TODAY challenge has paid off!

  • April 16th 2019 at 16:16

Pre-cut melon recalled from Whole Foods, other stores after salmonella outbreak

By Gina Vivinetto

At least 93 people have been sickened by a salmonella outbreak across nine U.S. states.

  • April 15th 2019 at 23:49

Micropreemie who weighed 11 ounces at birth is going home from the hospital

By Meghan Holohan

It has been a challenging 9 months, but baby Connor is finally home sweet home.

  • April 15th 2019 at 22:01

Sisters who survived Columbine massacre run Boston Marathon together

By Meghan Holohan

Twenty years after surviving Columbine, these sisters are running the Boston Marathon, which they see as a huge accomplishment as runners and survivors.

  • April 15th 2019 at 15:39

Find out how to be an organ donor here

April is National Donate Life Month, and Americans are encouraged to become organ donors to help thousands of patients waiting for a transplant.

  • April 15th 2019 at 15:04