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Today β€” June 23rd 2018Today.com Health

What is Gatsbying? And all the other wacky dating terms you need to know

By Rheana Murray

The A-Zs of weird dating terms, explained.

  • June 22nd 2018 at 23:11

Women more at risk for 'iPad neck,' study finds

By A. Pawlowski

The length of time spent on a tablet didn’t matter as much as the user’s posture. Here's how to avoid discomfort.

  • June 22nd 2018 at 18:18

β€˜I contemplated suicide’: β€˜Queer Eye’ star shares mental health struggle

By Marguerite Ward

Karamo Brown opened up about his mental health journey and shared advice for others. The 'Queer Eye' star hopes to inspire an honest conversation about mental health.

  • June 22nd 2018 at 17:35

These affordable flip-flops are so comfy that I bought 5 pairs at once

By Terri Peters

At under $30 a pair, my obsession won't break my bank account.

  • June 22nd 2018 at 17:30

How to stay safe during harsh summer weather

By Donna Freydkin

Now that summer's officially in full swing, TODAY's Al Roker teaches Megyn Kelly what actions to take during seasonal floods, harsh heat and severe storms. Roker also describes the tragedy of the Johnstown, Pennsylvania, flood, which he details in his book, "Ruthless Tide."

  • June 22nd 2018 at 15:38

Stay healthy on the beach with 7 smart snacks and 7 foods to skip

By Madelyn Fernstrom

Madelyn Fernstrom shows us how to snack wisely this summer as we navigate funnel cakes, hot dogs and piña coladas.

  • June 22nd 2018 at 15:10

The right way to defrost chicken: 5 easy tips for safe summer grilling

By Joy Bauer

Joy Bauer helps you plan the perfect, and perfectly simple, cookout.

  • June 22nd 2018 at 13:03

Demi Lovato hints at relapse in new song: 'I'm so sorry I'm not sober anymore'

By Ethan Sacks

She apologizes to her mother, father and others in the powerful piano ballad "Sober."

  • June 21st 2018 at 21:21

When does clean eating become a problem? A registered dietitian weighs in

By Kristin Kirkpatrick

While it's a good thing to eat less processed food and more fruits and veggies, becoming too restrictive with your food can lead to health issues.

  • June 21st 2018 at 20:57

Kate Spade New York will match your donation toward mental health causes

By Zoe Weiner

The company has already pledged $1 million to mental health charities.

  • June 21st 2018 at 20:42

Summer allergies? Dust mites in your bedding may be to blame

By Meghan Holohan

Here's how to get rid of them

  • June 21st 2018 at 19:31

Viral video Dad gets real about wife's suicidal thoughts in harrowing video

By Terri Peters

'I really came close to losing my wife last week.'

  • June 21st 2018 at 19:07

Do β€˜sunscreen pills’ actually work? Jeff Rossen investigates


The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers about "sunscreen pills," a supplement that companies claim can provide protection from the sun if taken orally. The FDA says these companies are "illegally marketing pills" that make "unproven drug claims." TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen -- a skin cancer survivor -- gets the details.

  • June 21st 2018 at 14:58

Martin Short, Steve Martin dish about their β€˜colonoscopy parties’ with Tom Hanks

By Scott Stump

The legendary comedians told Jimmy Kimmel that they get together with Tom Hanks and another friend for some fun on the night before their colonoscopies.

  • June 21st 2018 at 14:52

Bode Miller shares how he will honor daughter’s memory after drowning

By Eun Kyung Kim

The Olympic skier and his wife spoke out more than a week after their 19-month-old daughter drowned in a neighbor's pool.

  • June 21st 2018 at 14:29

'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro reveals the secret to his weight loss

By Erica Chayes Wida

Buddy Valastro just changed his image from "Cake Boss" to weight-loss boss.

  • June 20th 2018 at 23:15

Singer pauses concert to share powerful message on depression: 'You are not broken'

By Gina Vivinetto

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds took time out of a Madison Square Garden concert to encourage fans battling mental illness to seek help.

  • June 20th 2018 at 23:10

7 nice-smelling, non-sticky bug repellents that actually work

By Jessica Migala

Scare away skeeters without smelling like a chemical factory

  • June 20th 2018 at 22:40

10-minute yoga sequence you can do anywhere

By Mandy Ingber

This 10-minute yoga sequence will uplift you if you're feeling sluggish or down, and relax you if you're feeling high strung.

  • June 20th 2018 at 19:06

Could the 16:8 diet help you lose weight without the hunger?

By A. Pawlowski

Leave the calorie counting and deprivation behind with this eating plan.

  • June 20th 2018 at 16:40