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Today β€” March 30th 2020Financial Times Airlines

Aircraft lessors cheered by US airline bailout

Up to half carriers seeking rent relief on planes because of coronavirus standstill

  • March 30th 2020 at 12:00

EasyJet’s Stelios slams critics over dividend

Founder perplexed by suggestions he should waive £60m payout and threatens campaign to oust directors

  • March 30th 2020 at 10:55

Grounded airline staff asked to bolster NHS resources

Virgin Atlantic and easyJet call on employees to volunteer for new UK hospitals

  • March 30th 2020 at 01:02

The Future of Energy

Covid-19 and price war shock US shale production. Plus: life after a $600m gamble on renewables; biofuels for aviation; ammonia’s potential for shipping; new power sources as architectural landmarks; ending human gluttony for cheap power

  • March 30th 2020 at 05:43

Greener biofuels battle for take-off to cut emissions

Kerosene substitutes are curbing carbon footprints but remain in short supply

  • March 30th 2020 at 05:32
Yesterday β€” March 29th 2020Financial Times Airlines

Regional airports fear for the future as Covid-19 grounds flightsΒ 

Industry groups say lack of support from government undermines commitment to ‘connectivity’

  • March 29th 2020 at 20:02
Before yesterdayFinancial Times Airlines

Virgin Atlantic set to ask for state aid

Regional carriers are also weighing requests after government rules out broad bailout for the industry 

  • March 27th 2020 at 16:31

How to get refunds for school fees, season tickets and much more

Before seeking reimbursement for services you can no longer use, it pays to know your consumer rights 

  • March 27th 2020 at 06:00

Sunak on the money in refusing airlines carte blanche

Chancellor right to balk at state help; Nigel Rudd staying on at Meggitt

  • March 25th 2020 at 18:30

Qantas secures A$1bn in funds despite credit crunch

One of first successful private debt raisings by an airline during coronavirus crisis

  • March 25th 2020 at 06:41

Sunak warns airlines they will receive only β€˜bespoke’ help

Cash-strapped industry urged to explore all other funding avenues first

  • March 24th 2020 at 17:53

US airlines seek to delay day of reckoning with $50bn bailout

Emergency capital injection may not last long as carriers burn through millions of dollars a day

  • March 24th 2020 at 16:33

Global airline industry faces $250bn coronavirus hit

Trade body Iata revises its estimate of lost revenues for the third time in a month

  • March 24th 2020 at 15:55

Australia probes Qantas over Virgin rumoursΒ 

Top two carriers tussle as Canberra weighs more support for coronavirus-hit industry

  • March 24th 2020 at 07:06

EasyJet founder Stelios says fleet must drop by 25%

Founder says budget airline should ‘plan for 250 aircraft’, down from the 344 it has now

  • March 23rd 2020 at 23:24

Travellers told to return to UK or risk being stranded

Raab urges all British citizens abroad to act now while flights still available

  • March 23rd 2020 at 20:08

Airports lobby to join airlines in European bailout

Groups expect €14bn decline in revenue this year because of coronavirus

  • March 23rd 2020 at 19:45

Frequent flyer: spare a thought for those who can’t work from home

The airlines and hotels that look after their people now should be rewarded when the crisis eases

  • March 23rd 2020 at 17:01

Airbus shores up finances as aircraft demand vanishes

Europe’s largest manufacturer signals that coronavirus crisis will have long-term impact on global market for planes

  • March 23rd 2020 at 16:55

Airlines grounded by coronavirus spur storage boom

Desert facilities in US and Australia see demand surge as carriers begin parking planes

  • March 23rd 2020 at 01:02