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Today β€” November 12th 2019msnbc.com: US news

Missing Marine deserter accused of killing mother's boyfriend

By Ben Kesslen

Michael Brown, 22, who is wanted for murder, is the subject of a search by authorities in Virginia and North Carolina.

  • November 12th 2019 at 16:49

Slashing 'Baby Trump' was matter of good versus evil, Alabama man says

By The Associated Press

Hoyt Deau Hutchinson said on a syndicated talk show that he was shaking in anger when he drove past the balloon and its handlers on Saturday, AL.com reports.

  • November 12th 2019 at 16:06

Dreamers hold their breath as Supreme Court takes up future of 800,000

By Gwen Aviles and Patricia Guadalupe and Nicole Acevedo

"When I talk to my kids or other people in the future about this, I want to be able to say that I did everything I could," a Georgetown student with DACA status says.

  • November 12th 2019 at 13:50

Taliban to release 2 professors in prisoner swap

By Ahmed Mengli and Mushtaq Yusufzai and Phil Helsel

Kevin King, a U.S. citizen, and Timothy Weeks were kidnapped at gunpoint from the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul in August 2016.

  • November 12th 2019 at 13:05

Buck crashes into hospital, then is struck and killed by car

By Alex Johnson

Bucks in heat will often ram their own reflections in windows, perceiving them as threats, the Tennessee wildlife agency says.

  • November 12th 2019 at 06:51

President Jimmy Carter recovering after surgery to relieve pressure on brain from falls

By Phil Helsel

The 95-year-old former president was admitted to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on Monday for the surgery that was done Tuesday morning.

  • November 12th 2019 at 16:35

Nightly News Full Broadcast (November 11th)

Arctic invasion brings blast of snow and record-shattering cold, battle lines drawn as public impeachment hearings begin this week, and San Diego State University suspends 14 fraternities after student death.

  • November 12th 2019 at 03:41

POW/MIA bracelet mystery solved after nearly 50 years

In honor of Veterans Day, all this week we are featuring tributes to the men and women in uniform in our series Those Who Serve. Tonight, Blayne Alexander brings us the remarkable story behind a POW/MIA bracelet that’s brought two American families together.

  • November 12th 2019 at 01:00

Elizabeth Warren on β€˜what matters’ in 2020 election (extended interview)

In the “NBC Nightly News” series “What Matters,” Harry Smith asks presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren about the so-called “school to prison” pipeline, which critics funnels far too many of our nation’s students from the classroom into the criminal justice system.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:57

San Diego State suspends 14 fraternities as student dies after frat event

By Doha Madani

Dylan Hernandez was hospitalized early Thursday following a fraternity event and died this week, the university confirmed.

  • November 12th 2019 at 01:44

Oklahoma police chief dead after fight with his own officer at Florida conference

By Elisha Fieldstadt and Alex Johnson

Mannford Police Chief Lucky Miller was found dead in Pensacola Beach after an apparent altercation, authorities said.

  • November 12th 2019 at 01:00

Substitute teacher caught beating female special needs student on camera

The 32-year-old teacher has been fired and charged with aggravated assault after a violent outburst. The attorney for the family of the special needs student tells NBC News that the 16-year-old special needs students student is now suffering from blurred vision and memory loss.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:56

Search continues for Texas mom who vanished seven months ago

By Andrea Cavallier

Prisma Denisse Peralta Reyes was reported missing on April 17, 2019, after she failed to pick up her 6-year-old son from the babysitter’s house in Old East Dallas, Texas. Security video shows Prisma at the Olympus at Ross apartment complex in Dallas at 6 p.m. The Mesquite Police Department is investigating.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:55

Apple credit card under investigation for gender discrimination

Apple and partner Goldman Sachs are being accused of gender bias after several high-profile couples say women are receiving lower credit lines and being discriminated against. Goldman says gender and marital status are not factors and that an algorithm is making the determination.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:55

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on ending the school-to-prison pipeline and β€˜what matters’ most to 2020 voters

Tonight in our series “What Matters,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren addresses a top concern among some Democratic voters as they make their decision about who to support in the 2020 primaries — the so-called “school to prison” pipeline that critics say funnels far too many of our nation’s students from the classroom into the criminal justice system.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:51

Calls to stop Rodney Reed execution intensifies from celebrity activists, lawmakers

Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed is just nine days away from his execution date, and star activists, including Kim Kardashian West, are asking the state’s governor to stop the execution.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:49

Family of missing American FBI agent β€˜grateful’ after Trump tweets that Iran should free him

Robert Levinson was last heard from in a hostage-style video after mysteriously disappearing inside Iran 12 years ago. President Trump urged Iran to turn Levinson over to the U.S. in a tweet today, and Levinson’s family tells NBC News that they’re “grateful” that this is a “top priority” for the Trump administration.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:47

Uber chief walks back calling Khashoggi murder β€˜a serious mistake’

“I think that government said they made a mistake,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told “Axios on HBO” in an interview, referring to the government of Saudi Arabia. He then compared the murder to Uber’s fatal self-driving car accident, but later explained further.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:46

Harrowing new details about Mexico massacre that killed 9 Americans

13-year-old Devin Langford, who survived the attack, says his mother yelled to take cover as their SUV was riddled by gunfire in America. Police say a drug cartel fired more than 200 rounds as they slaughtered the nine Americans traveling in a caravan, including Devin’s mother and brothers.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:44

San Diego State University suspends 14 fraternities after student death

19-year-old Dylan Hernandez was rushed to a hospital the day after attending a Phi Gamma Delta fraternity event Wednesday night, and later died. A campus police investigation uncovered “possible misconduct” at the fraternity.

  • November 12th 2019 at 00:43