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Today β€” March 23rd 2019msnbc.com: US news

Sen. Blumenthal speaks out on Mueller report

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal speaks to TODAY on the possible fallout of the Mueller report, saying he’d like to see the full findings disclosed and will subpoena the material if necessary.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 12:16

Congress demands to see the full Mueller report

Congressional leaders could learn about what’s in the Mueller report as early as this weekend. Democrats and Republicans are calling for Attorney General William Barr to release as many details as possible. NBC’s Geoff Bennett reports for TODAY.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 12:13

White House says it has not been briefed on Mueller’s report

President Trump has been uncharacteristically silent since Mueller submitted his report and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani tells NBC News the President’s legal team is “not demanding” early access to the report. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports for TODAY.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 12:09

Special counsel Mueller submits report and will not be filing new indictments

Special counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr. Speculation is swirling about what’s in it and whether there has been any collusion in the 2016 election. NBC’s Pete Williams reports for TODAY.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 12:06

Arrest made in alleged threats targeting minority students at Charlottesville school

Students in Charlottesville, Virginia, will head back to class on Monday after a teen was arrested for allegedly making threats against black and Hispanic students at a high school in Charlottesville, Virginia.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 07:06

Protesters, family attorney, react to acquittal in Antwon Rose shooting death

Protesters and an attorney for Antwon Rose II's family spoke out after the officer who shot the unarmed black teenager in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was acquitted.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 04:41

Officer who fatally shot Antwon Rose is acquitted

By Doha Madani and Associated Press

Prosecutors pushed for a conviction against Michael Rosfeld, 30, in the the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager last year in East Pittsburgh.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 02:42

Stormy Daniels protests Illinois 'pole tax' on strip clubs

By Associated Press

The adult film star called the tax "sexist and wrong," saying it ties nude entertainment to violence against women without justification.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 02:27

Husband suspected of killing wife in North Carolina flown back after arrest in Arizona

By Phil Helsel and Associated Press

"There is a key piece of evidence" in the murder case, the sheriff said, but he would not elaborate.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 02:04

FEMA put 2.3M disaster survivors at risk of identity theft, watchdog says

By Doha Madani

Survivors of the 2017 California wildfires, hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria were among the millions whose privacy was violated, the inspector general's report says.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 01:13

Two officers indicted for allegedly beating handcuffed man

By Shaiann Frazier

The officers allegedly repeatedly struck the man in the face, causing him to fall backwards, then continued to punch him repeatedly while he was handcuffed on the floor.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 00:27

Blind golden retriever has his own four-legged β€˜seeing-eye’ companion

When Chelsea and Adam Stipe first brought home their new puppy Maverick, the golden retriever quickly noticed there was something different about Charlie, the family’s 11-year-old dog. The pair soon bonded, with Maverick becoming a “seeing-eye” dog for Charlie, who had lost both his eyes to glaucoma.

  • March 23rd 2019 at 00:00

Active shooter training exercises lead to injuries for some teachers

Teachers at an elementary school in Indiana say the pellet guns sheriffs used during the drill led to welts and bruises, but the sheriff says the staff knew beforehand that air guns would be used and that the drill was voluntary.

  • March 22nd 2019 at 23:55

Three billboards in Baltimore: Woman hunts for twin’s killer

Jenny Carrieri was inspired by an Academy Award-winning film to launch a campaign to find her twin sister’s killer.

  • March 22nd 2019 at 23:51

Fire erupts for second time at chemical site in Texas

New flames and black smoke rose from the chemical storage facility outside Houston. The latest flare-up stoking new fears about what is in the air and the water.

  • March 22nd 2019 at 23:44

Kentucky football player's killing was unsolved until a confession led to a suspect

By Emily Wickwire

After the death of Trent DiGiuro went unsolved for years, his father's plea that "somebody knows what happened" changed the course of the case.

  • March 22nd 2019 at 23:32

Defrocked Jersey priest found teaching in Dominican Republic now under investigation

By Nicole Acevedo and Corky Siemaszko

Defrocked priest Hadmels DeFrias under investigation after a report that he was teaching children at a private school.

  • March 22nd 2019 at 23:01

'We support it': NAACP endorses LGBTQ Equality Act

By Tim Fitzsimons

The African-American civil rights group, which shepherded the 1964 Civil Rights Act into law, endorsed adding LGBTQ people to those the act protects.

  • March 22nd 2019 at 22:27

'Find my killer': Twin sister of murder victim puts up billboards

By Kim Cornett and Michelle Cho

“I just feel part of me was ripped away. And the other part of me is going to find out what happened," the sister said.

  • March 22nd 2019 at 21:59

After homicide victim was left 7 weeks in impounded car, workers disciplined

By Doha Madani

The family of the victim filed a lawsuit against the city arguing that he might have survived a shooting if officers had found him in time,

  • March 22nd 2019 at 20:57