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Today β€” July 22nd 2019NYT HomePage

Sure, Boris Johnson Is Funny. But Has He Ever Done a Job Well?

By Benjamin Mueller and Stephen Castle

The man expected to become Britain’s next prime minister, and to steer the country through Brexit, has a spotty record in previous roles as London mayor and foreign secretary.

In Ukraine Snap Elections, New President Aims to Consolidate Power

By Ivan Nechepurenko

Volodymyr Zelensky, a former comedian who was elected in April, is seeking to strengthen his position by leading his party to control of the country’s Parliament.

Renault and Nissan Need Each Other to Thrive in Future, 2 Leaders Say

By Jack Ewing, Liz Alderman and Ben Dooley

The carmakers must reinvigorate their alliance and share the cost of a shift to electric, self-driving cars, Renault’s chairman and a Nissan board member said in separate interviews.

Robert Morgenthau, Longtime Manhattan District Attorney, Dies at 99

By Robert D. McFadden

Mr. Morgenthau was the bane of mobsters and crooked politicians and a confidant of mayors and governors, who came and went while he stayed on for decades.

Denying Racism Supports It

By Charles M. Blow

Refusing to address and acknowledge the prejudices in our country is a big part of the problem.

Hey, College Graduates: Don’t Dismiss Rural America

By Samuel J. Abrams

You don’t have to live in a big city to succeed economically and socially.

One Small Step for Experimental Space Gear. Many Giant Leaps of Imagination.

By Dennis Overbye

A gallery of scenes from when the space age was young and extraterrestrial travel looked fun.

Defying Protests, Gov. Ricardo RossellΓ³ of Puerto Rico Says He Will Stay On

By Frances Robles and Patricia Mazzei

Saying “I have made mistakes, and I have apologized,” the governor said he would not seek re-election and would give up the leadership of his party, but would not resign.

Start-Up Says It’s Changing Eye Care for the Better. Others See It Differently.

By Sapna Maheshwari

Hubble offers customers contact lens subscriptions at low monthly prices. Critics say it bypasses eye care professionals, doesn’t properly vet prescriptions and takes advantage of federal regulations to the detriment of consumers.

The Power of Terroir in Sicily’s Volcanic White Wines

By Eric Asimov

These unusual whites from Etna are more salty than fruity, yet even when cloaked in winemaking tricks, the power of the grape and terroir shine through.

For Seattle’s Last Mobile Home Owners, the Clock Is Ticking

By Jason Buch

An affordable slice of the urban housing market is vanishing as mobile home parks succumb to development, costing residents both their homes and their communities.

Quarterly Reports on the Phases of the Moon

By Kiki O’Keeffe and Ysabel Yates

Good news for investors: It is likely not only to appear, but also to rapidly increase its share of the night sky.

Yesterday β€” July 21st 2019NYT HomePage

β€˜The Hate Is Real’: Black Georgia Lawmaker Says She Was Berated at Supermarket

By Derrick Bryson Taylor

Erica Thomas said a white man angry at how many items she had in an express lane checkout told her “go back where you came from.”