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Today β€” July 17th 2018EurActiv

EU to slam Google with record fine ahead of Juncker US visit

By Georgi Gotev

Google is set to face a record-busting EU antitrust fine this week over its Android mobile operating system but rivals hoping that an order to halt unfair business practices will help them may be disappointed.

Croatia’s renovation projects can teach us as much as their football

By Adrian Joyce

What do Croatia’s football team and its energy efficiency programmes have in common? Experience, skill, tenacity and an inspiring amount of success, writes Adrian Joyce.

Britain unveils fighter jet model to rival Franco-German programme

By Georgi Gotev

Britain unveiled a model of a sleek proposed fighter jet named Tempest yesterday (16 July), raising questions about the future of European defence cooperation, given that Germany and France launched their own fighter jet programme a year ago.

Advanced biofuels are key to decarbonising transportation [Promoted content]

By Dr. Markus Rarbach

The recent agreements on the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) are setting the tone for creating a stable and predictable business environment that will trigger the development of and investment in advanced biofuel production within the EU, argues Markus Rarbach.

  • July 17th 2018 at 07:30

Commission says Airbnb breaches EU consumer rules, must fall into line

By Georgi Gotev

The European Union told Airbnb yesterday (16 July) to bring its terms and conditions into line with the bloc's consumer rules or face action by national consumer agencies, after a review of the short-term rental platform found some violations.

EU, Japan to sign massive trade deal as US puts up barriers

By admin

The European Union's top officials arrive in Japan Tuesday (17 July) to sign the single market's biggest trade deal ever and present a united front as Washington upends the international trade order.

Trump’s submission to Putin stuns EU allies

By Georgi Gotev

The political class in the US, as well as many of Washington's European allies were astonished to watch Donald Trump playing into Vladimir Putin’s hands at the Helsinki summit on Monday (16 July).

Russia and Ukraine in EU-backed talks to avoid fresh β€˜gas wars’

By admin

Officials from Moscow and Kyiv were set to gather in Berlin on Tuesday (17 July) for EU-backed talks on the future of the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine in a bid to minimise disputes when the current contract expires next year.

Swedes set to smash renewable target 12 years early

By Sam Morgan

Sweden has made such large gains in building up renewable energy capacity that analysts believe the Nordic country will meet one of its 2030 targets this year, thanks largely to wind power.

7 nightmare days for Theresa May

By Denis MacShane

A second referendum or an extension to Article 50 could be the only way to cut the Brexit Gordian knot, argues Denis MacShane as he reflects on a nightmare week for Theresa May.

Horizon Europe – A global health prescription for the EU

By Cecile Vernant

EU research and innovation ministers need to increase funding for Horizon Europe and show they are serious about combating poverty-related diseases, says Cécile Vernant.

Yesterday β€” July 16th 2018EurActiv

Facebook under pressure for weak consumer policy

By Catherine Stupp

European regulators will announce next week whether they will punish Facebook for its consumer terms and conditions, after the company was warned in February that its rules do not comply with EU law.

The Brief – Anti-immigration ringleaders proved wrong

By Claire Stam with Sam Morgan

At more or less the same time this Brief is published, France's World Cup team will be descending on the Champs-Elysees. They'll be sending a powerful message against the authoritarian drift and the toxic debates on immigration that currently dominate in Europe and the world.

EU and US will β€˜always be close friends’, insists Mogherini

By Jorge Valero

Following US President Donald Trump’s latest charge against Europe, EU’s vice-president for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini said on Monday (16 July) that the bloc will “always” consider the US as “close friends and partners”.

Zaev says Russian money used to instigate violence ahead of name deal referendum

By Sarantis Michalopoulos

Greek businessmen with close ties to Moscow have bribed citizens in Skopje to “commit acts of violence” ahead of the referendum on the name deal with Athens, Zoran Zaev, the prime minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), said on Monday (16 July).

Left-right ideological divide remains relevant in Western Europe

By Claire Guyot

Despite the rise of populist parties, right-left division remains relevant, particularly on issues such as immigration and the role of the government, according to a study by the American think tank The Pew Research Centre. EURACTIV.fr reports.

UK’s Boris Johnson returns as Telegraph columnist

By Georgi Gotev

After resigning as foreign minister last week over Prime Minister Theresa May's compromise plan for Brexit, Boris Johnson is back at his old job as a columnist at the eurosceptic Daily Telegraph newspaper.

EU-China summit boosts negotiations towards an investment agreement

By Beatriz Rios

The European Union and China agreed to enhance market access and investment and to speed up negotiations over geographical indications during a leaders’ summit in Beijing on Monday (16 July). But EU leaders indicated they wanted to see China's promises translated into action.

China, EU reaffirm Paris climate commitment, vow more cooperation

By Claire Stam

China and the European Union on Monday reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris climate change pact and called other signatories to do the same, saying action against rising global temperatures had become more important than ever.

Orban in Jerusalem: Challenging days for Europe-Israel relations

By Raanan Eliaz

The visit to Jerusalem this week by Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán symbolizes moral failure and is a real threat to the existence and wellbeing of Israel as we know it, and of world Jewry, writes Raanan Eliaz.