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Yesterday β€” July 11th 2020NYT Science

Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. and World News

Louisiana’s governor orders bars to close and said almost all residents must wear a mask. Disney World reopens, despite a surge in Florida. Thousands of Israelis protested the government’s handling of the economy.

Scientists Say You Can Cancel the Noise but Keep Your Window Open

By David Waldstein

Researchers in Singapore developed a system that’s sort of like noise-canceling headphones for your whole apartment.

Before yesterdayNYT Science

A Rescue Plan for the Planet? Watch Our Debate Here.

By The New York Times

A virtual event with eight speakers and one question: Has Covid-19 created a blueprint for combating climate change?

Why We Still Don’t Know Enough About Covid-19 and Pregnancy

By Christina Caron

More than six months into the pandemic there’s still a lot we don’t know about how the coronavirus affects pregnant women and babies.

Lockdowns Spared Millions of Animals From Becoming Roadkill, Researchers Say

By Bryan Pietsch

The number of wild animals killed by vehicle traffic was down as much as 45 percent in Maine and 21 percent in California, according to a U.C. Davis report.

Beyond the Milky Way, a Galactic Wall

By Dennis Overbye

Astronomers have discovered a vast assemblage of galaxies hidden behind our own, in the “zone of avoidance.”

New Coronavirus Cases in U.S. Soar Past 68,000, Shattering Record

The number of daily global cases also broke a record, with the United States as the biggest source of new infections. The U.S. death toll is also on the rise.

What Happens When You’re Disabled but Nobody Can Tell

By Andrew Solomon

The author and clinical psychologist Andrew Solomon examines the disabilities that ramps and reserved parking spots don’t address.

NOAA Officials Feared Firings After Trump’s Hurricane Claims, Inspector General Says

By Christopher Flavelle and Lisa Friedman

The report found White House pressure led to NOAA’s rebuke of forecasters who contradicted Mr. Trump’s inaccurate claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama.

The Coronavirus Can Be Airborne Indoors, W.H.O. Says

By Apoorva Mandavilli

The agency also explained more directly that people without symptoms may spread the virus. The acknowledgments should have come sooner, some experts said.

This Ancient Sea Creature Builds Its Body With a Whisper, not a Scream

By Katherine J. Wu

Unlike vertebrate embryo cells, which signal to each other over long distances, sea squirt embryo cells talk only to those they’re closest to.

How a Saber-Tooth Marsupial Blinded Us With Its Bite

By Matt Kaplan

The extinct South American animal made us believe it was as fierce as a saber-tooth cat, but a new study suggests it was a mere scavenger.

U.S. Hits Another Record for New Coronavirus Cases

U.S. officials reported more than 59,880 cases on Thursday. Bolivia’s leader became Latin America’s third to be infected. The Malaysian police questioned Al Jazeera journalists over a documentary about the country’s lockdown.

Japan’s Deadly Combination: Climate Change and an Aging Society

By Motoko Rich, Makiko Inoue and Hisako Ueno

Record-breaking rains this week in the country’s southernmost main island, which have killed 62, have shown the vulnerability of people living in nursing homes.