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Yesterday β€” June 16th 2019NYT Science

This Town Comes Alive Once a Year, as Thousands of Snakes Mate

By Ian Austen

More than 70,000 snakes slither out of dens to breed each spring at a Manitoba wildlife area, and thousands of people just can’t keep away from the writhing show. Just don’t call it an orgy.

Before yesterdayNYT Science

The Fish Egg That Traveled Through a Swan’s Gut, Then Hatched

By Veronique Greenwood

These fish turn up in many surprising location, but this was one place scientists didn’t expect to find them.

Fecal Transplant Is Linked to a Patient’s Death, the F.D.A. Warns

By Denise Grady

The agency said two patients received donated stool that had not been screened for drug-resistant germs, leading it to halt clinical trials until researchers prove proper testing procedures are in place.

Dr. Henry Lynch, 91, Dies; Found Hereditary Link in Cancer

By Gina Kolata

To a doubting medical world, he found compelling evidence that some cancers are passed along genetically. His work was ultimately widely embraced.

Dr. Teruko Ishizaka, Who Advanced Allergy Treatment, Dies at 92

By Sam Roberts

She and her husband identified an antibody that triggers wheezing and rashes. Monitoring it can help prevent and remedy allergic reactions.

Australia, in a Victory for Coal, Clears the Way for a Disputed Mine

By Somini Sengupta

The final permit from regulators in Queensland came less than a month after a conservative coalition that champions coal won in national elections.

Here Is What Jessica Biel Opposes in California’s Vaccine Bill

By Adeel Hassan

Lobbying by celebrity opponents has drawn national attention to a measure that would make medical exemptions to vaccination harder to get.

Measles Outbreak: N.Y. Eliminates Religious Exemptions for Vaccinations

By Jesse McKinley

New York, where measles has spread in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, joins California and a handful of other states in revoking religious exemptions.

That Sleep Tracker Could Make Your Insomnia Worse

By Karen Zraick and Sarah Mervosh

Apps and trackers can flood users with confusing data, doctors say. Some warn against orthosomnia, an obsession with “perfect” sleep.

These Animal Migrations Are Huge β€” and Invisible

By Carl Zimmer

Swarms of insects move across continents each year. Scientists used radar to track one species and discovered a vast ecological force.

In the Bronze Age, Bagels Were Tiny

By Nicholas Bakalar

Archaeologists have identified remnants of small, round dough rings at an excavation site in Austria. But no cream cheese.

Bastion of Anti-Vaccine Fervor: Progressive Waldorf Schools

By Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura

Opposition to vaccines on the left is increasingly worrying the authorities. At one progressive school, 60 percent of the 300 students were not vaccinated against measles and other diseases.