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Today β€” January 22nd 2020NYT Science

China Silences Critics Over Coronavirus Outbreak

By Li Yuan

Beijing has responded faster to the new threat than it did with SARS, but it still silences and punishes those who veer from the official line, with potentially damaging consequences.

American Journalist Is Arrested in Indonesia Over Visa Issue

By Richard C. Paddock

The editor, Philip Jacobson, who works for the environmental website Mongabay, was detained last month after attending a public meeting on Borneo island. He was traveling on a business visa.

Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Forces Chinese to Rethink Travel Plans

By Amy Qin and Vivian Wang

A senior health official warned that the annual Spring Festival holiday travel rush would complicate efforts to contain the outbreak, as the official death toll nearly doubled.

Yesterday β€” January 21st 2020NYT Science

What We Know About the Wuhan Coronavirus

By Karen Zraick

A mysterious virus has caused an international outbreak of respiratory illness. Now the infection has arrived in the U.S.

Trump and the Teenager: A Climate Showdown at Davos

By Mark Landler and Somini Sengupta

President Trump and Greta Thunberg dominated the first full day of the annual gathering of the rich and powerful in the Swiss Alps.

Wuhan Coronavirus: C.D.C. Identifies First U.S. Case in Washington State

By Roni Caryn Rabin

A man in Washington State is infected with a new respiratory virus. Federal officials plan to expand screenings for the infection at major airports.

Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak Poses a Test to China's Leadership

By Javier C. HernΓ‘ndez

The new virus has killed at least nine and infected more than 400 people in China, with confirmed cases in the United States, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Impact Found in Australia

By Katherine Kornei

The cataclysm, which occurred roughly 2.2 billion years ago, might have catapulted the planet out of an ice age.

Greta Thunberg’s Remarks at the Davos Economic Forum

By The New York Times

The Swedish climate activist spoke Tuesday afternoon at an event hosted by The New York Times and the World Economic Forum.

Greta Thunberg’s Message at Davos Forum: β€˜Our House Is Still on Fire’

By Somini Sengupta

The activist punched a hole in the promises emerging from a forum of the global political and business elite at Davos, telling the leaders to stop investing in fossil fuels immediately.

China’s Coronavirus Outbreak Tests the Communist Party’s Transparency

By Javier C. HernΓ‘ndez

The new virus has killed at least six and infected nearly 300 people in China, with confirmed cases in Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. An expert says it can be transmitted by humans.

Alone on a Mountaintop, Awaiting a Very Hard Rain

By Yulia Grigoryants and Dennis Overbye

Decades ago, Armenian scientists built a high-elevation trap to catch and study cosmic rays. Physics has mostly moved on, but the station persists — a ghost observatory with a skeleton crew.

How Fast Can a Human Run?

By Randall Munroe

Two legs are good. Four legs might be better.

I Quit Chewing Gum

By Alexandra Jacobs

It’s costly. It’s unsightly. And my jaws are tired.

Before yesterdayNYT Science

China Confirms New Coronavirus Spreads From Humans to Humans

By Javier C. HernΓ‘ndez and Austin Ramzy

A top Chinese government-appointed expert says a mysterious respiratory illness that has killed at least four people can be transmitted by humans, heightening concern about the outbreak.