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The Making of β€˜2001: A Space Odyssey’ Was as Far Out as the Movie

By Ben Kenigsberg

A jumble of memorabilia, storyboards and props, an exhibit illustrates the whirl of influences behind Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking 1968 film.

Alone on a Mountaintop, Awaiting a Very Hard Rain

By Yulia Grigoryants and Dennis Overbye

Decades ago, Armenian scientists built a high-elevation trap to catch and study cosmic rays. Physics has mostly moved on, but the station persists — a ghost observatory with a skeleton crew.

Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Impact Found in Australia

By Katherine Kornei

The cataclysm, which occurred roughly 2.2 billion years ago, might have catapulted the planet out of an ice age.

A Small Step for Space Force Is Not a Giant Leap for Uniform Design

By Aimee Ortiz

The unveiling of the new military branch’s name tape — “U.S. Space Force,” embroidered in blue — was overshadowed by reactions to its familiar camouflage uniform.

SpaceX Test Delayed to Sunday

By Kenneth Chang

A successful demonstration of the abort system on the company’s Crew Dragon capsule would set up the next flight, which is to have astronauts aboard.

Exploring the Solar System Anew at the Hayden Planetarium

By Ben Kenigsberg

The American Museum of Natural History’s first new space show since 2013 is a head-spinning adventure that makes a statement about the fragility of Earth.

How’s Your Internship Going? This Teen Found a Planet

By Christine Hauser

Wolf Cukier, 17, was analyzing brightness of stars during an internship with NASA last year when he made the discovery.

Volcanoes on Venus Might Still Be Smoking

By Shannon Hall

Planetary science experiments on Earth suggest that the sun’s second planet might have ongoing volcanic activity.

Hints of Phantom Crater Found Under Volcanic Plateau in Laos

By Katherine Kornei

Scientists knew a meteorite impact had flung debris all over the world, but where it struck has remained a mystery.

Quadrantids Meteor Shower 2020: Watch It Peak in Night Skies

By Nicholas St. Fleur

Meteor showers can light up night skies from dusk to dawn, and if you’re lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse.

Meteor Showers in 2020 That Will Light Up Night Skies

By Nicholas St. Fleur

All year long, Earth passes through streams of cosmic debris. Here’s a list of major meteor showers and how to spot one.

β€˜Ring of Fire’ Eclipse Dazzles Asia and Middle East

By Derrick Bryson Taylor

An annular solar eclipse, in which the moon covers the sun’s center, leaving a ring of light around it, was visible on Thursday. “You can actually see the solar system in motion,” an astronomer said.

Watching an Interstellar Comet and Hoping for a Bang

By Nicholas St. Fleur

Seeing Comet Borisov won’t be easy for the typical sky gazer, but astronomers still have a lot to learn from this extrasolar tourist.