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Yesterday β€” April 6th 2020NYT Space

E. Margaret Burbidge, Astronomer Who Blazed Trails on Earth, Dies at 100

By Margalit Fox

She was denied access to a telescope because of her sex, but Dr. Burbidge forged ahead anyway, going on to make pathbreaking discoveries about the cosmos.

Before yesterdayNYT Space

Uranus Ejected a Giant Plasma Bubble During Voyager 2’s Visit

By Robin George Andrews

The planet is shedding its atmosphere into the void, a signal that was recorded but overlooked in 1986 when the robotic spacecraft flew past.

Life on the Planet Mercury? β€˜It’s Not Completely Nuts’

By Shannon Hall

A new explanation for the rocky world’s jumbled landscape opens a possibility that it could have had ingredients for habitability.

The Search for E.T. Goes on Hold, for Now

By Dennis Overbye

A popular screen saver takes a break while its inventors try to digest data that may yet be hiding news of extraterrestrials.

Remember When Japan Blasted an Asteroid? Here’s What We Learned

By Kenneth Chang

The Hayabusa2 spacecraft’s explosive encounter reveals that a space rock called Ryugu looks extremely young for its age.

A Scientist Puts Things in Perspective

By Elisabeth Egan

You don’t have to be Einstein to appreciate the scope of ‘Until the End of Time.’

Alfred Worden, 88, Dies; Orbited Moon and Walked in Deep Space

By Richard Goldstein

While two Apollo 15 crewmen roamed the lunar surface on a scientific mission, he took valuable photographs from the space capsule.

These Auction Items Are Out of This World. No, Really.

By Kevin Coyne

Collectors know that meteorites, proof of where art and science intersect, aren’t just for museums anymore.

Why Didn’t Saturn Eat Titan, Its Biggest Moon?

By Nadia Drake

New simulations explain how the ringed planet ended up with one giant moon that domineers its tinier siblings.

This Black Hole Blew a Hole in the Cosmos

By Dennis Overbye

The galaxy cluster Ophiuchus was doing just fine until WISEA J171227.81-232210.7 — a black hole several billion times as massive as our sun — burped on it.

Red Space Lettuce Might Feed Red Planet Astronauts

By Kenneth Chang

Leafy vegetables grown by astronauts aboard the International Space Station were as healthful as lettuce on Earth, a study found.

NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Gets New, Official Name: Perseverance

By Kenneth Chang

The robotic explorer is to join Curiosity on the red planet next year, and is expected to get more rolling companions built by China, Europe and Russia.

When Voyager 2 Calls Home, Earth Soon Won’t Be Able to Answer

By Shannon Stirone

NASA will spend 11 months upgrading the only piece of its Deep Space Network that can send commands to the probe, which has crossed into interstellar space.