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Today β€” July 17th 2019NYT Space

Messages on the Moon From a World Turned Upside Down

By Ken Liu

Our journey to the moon took us a long way from Earth, but it was always tangled up with power politics here on the ground.

One Small Step for Experimental Space Gear. Many Giant Leaps of Imagination.

By Dennis Overbye

A gallery of scenes from when the space age was young and extraterrestrial travel looked fun.

Yesterday β€” July 16th 2019NYT Space

For Apollo 11 He Wasn’t on the Moon. But His Coffee Was Warm.

By Kenneth Chang

Michael Collins kept an orbital vigil during Neil’s and Buzz’s moonwalk, but he really didn’t feel that lonely.


By Natasha Trethewey

A poem by Natasha Trethewey, reflecting on the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Before yesterdayNYT Space

Storm Area 51? It’s a Joke, but the Air Force Is Concerned

By Jacey Fortin

A Facebook event invited U.F.O. enthusiasts to swarm the secretive Nevada base on Sept. 20. The Air Force warned that would be dangerous.

Your Apollo 11-Inspired Guide to Eclipses, Supermoons and More Lunar Events

By Nicholas St. Fleur

Eclipses, supermoons and other astronomical highlights to look forward to, years into the future.

After Delay of Chandrayaan-2 Launch, Indians Are Disappointed but Confident

By Jeffrey Gettleman

The country had been watching, eager for India to seize its place in space with a lunar landing. Scientists say the mission is still on — they just don’t know when.

How Was the Moon Made? We Won’t Know Until We Go Back

By Rebecca Boyle

The closer scientists look at theories of how the moon formed, the more questions they find.

India’s Chandrayaan-2 Moon Launch Is Delayed

By Kenneth Chang

The country’s hopes to become the fourth to land on the moon were put on hold Monday.

India’s Shooting for the Moon, and the Country Is Pumped

By Jeffrey Gettleman

The country’s plans to launch an uncrewed rover into space were delayed at the last moment, but it is determined to join a select group of nations.

India’s Going to the Moon, and the Country Is Pumped

By Jeffrey Gettleman

India will launch an unmanned rover into space on Monday. If successful, India will join a select group of nations capable of reaching the moon.

Why Everyone Wants to Go Back to the Moon

By Kenneth Chang

Something of a new lunar race is underway, but the motivations differ from what put men on its surface 50 years ago.

Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Lands on Asteroid It Blasted a Hole In

By Michael Roston and Kenneth Chang

The robotic probe attempted to collect a sample scattered from a crater made on the surface of the space rock Ryugu in April.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic to Go Public

By Michael J. de la Merced

The private space-tourism business plans to merge with a publicly traded shell company, giving it a stock listing and, potentially a crucial new source of cash.