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Yesterday β€” November 11th 2019NYT Space

How to Watch Mercury’s 2019 Transit of the Sun

By Nicholas St. Fleur

Viewers on the East and West Coasts of the U.S. can see part or all of the eclipse-like event, but not with the naked eye.

Before yesterdayNYT Space

Voyager 2’s Discoveries From Interstellar Space

By Kenneth Chang

In its journey beyond the boundary of the solar wind’s bubble, the probe observed some notable differences from its twin, Voyager 1.

Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft Touches Down After Test of Safety System

By Mariel Padilla and Jacey Fortin

Boeing was one of two American companies chosen by NASA to develop spacecraft for flying astronauts to the International Space Station.

They Didn’t Find Life in a Hopeless Place

By Robin George Andrews

In some of the world’s saltiest, most acidic bodies of superheated water, even the most extreme forms of archaea couldn’t survive.

NASA Astronauts Complete the First All-Female Spacewalk

By Karen Zraick

Jessica Meir and Christina Koch ventured outside the International Space Station on Friday to replace a power controller.

Why NASA’s First All-Women Spacewalk Made History

By Jessica Bennett and Mary Robinette Kowal

Two women on Earth, Jessica Bennett and Mary Robinette Kowal, had a chat about two women astronauts in medium-sized spacesuits.

NASA’s New Spacesuits Unveiled, for Trips to the Moon and Beyond

By Kenneth Chang

The agency is racing to meet President Trump’s timeline for putting American astronauts on the lunar surface by 2024.

Aleksei Leonov, First to Walk in Space, Dies at 85

By Richard Goldstein

The Russian cosmonaut’s thrilling feat in 1965 nearly cost him his life, but raised Soviet prestige during the Cold War space race against the United States.

After Sparring, NASA and SpaceX Declare a Shared Mission

By Kenneth Chang

The space agency’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, met Elon Musk at SpaceX headquarters on Thursday to review progress toward launching NASA astronauts.

Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Studies of Earth’s Place in the Universe

By Kenneth Chang and Megan Specia

The cosmologist James Peebles split the prize with two astronomers, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz, for work the Nobel judges said “transformed our ideas about the cosmos.”

First All-Female Spacewalk Is Back On, NASA Says

By Mariel Padilla

The mission was canceled in March after the agency said it did not have two properly fitted spacesuits readily available.

An Astronaut Who Built Paths to Space for Other Women

By Jillian Kramer

Janet Kavandi, who recently retired from a senior NASA post, went to space three times and added fairness to the astronaut selection process.

An Interstellar Comet, in Time for the Holidays

By Dennis Overbye

On Dec. 7, the extrasolar comet now known as 2I/Borisov will make its closest approach to the sun.