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Today β€” October 20th 2018FoxNews SciTech

12-pound rock from moon sells for more than $600,000

By Amy Lieu

A 12-pound meteorite that blasted from the moon was sold at a Boston auction for the out-of-this-world price of $612,500 on Friday.

Yesterday β€” October 19th 2018FoxNews SciTech

Strange carved stone found 'buried' under New Jersey river puzzles locals

By Jennifer Earl

New Jersey workers were cleaning up the Pequannock River in Bloomingdale's Sloan Park to prepare for a flood mitigation project Thursday when they spotted a stone with an unusual marking.

BepiColombo, the first Mercury mission in 14 years, launches tonight

By Meghan Bartels Space.com Senior Writer

It's been more than 14 years since a spacecraft launched toward Mercury, so don't miss your chance to watch a rocket do just that.

Eye disorder may have given da Vinci an advantage

By John Johnson

Whole libraries have been written trying to explain how Leonardo da Vinci produced some of the world's most revered paintings.

WWII's 'German Girls' get an apology

By Jenn Gidman

When Germany invaded Norway in 1940, Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler endorsed the concept of German soldiers hooking up with Norwegian women, as that would help bring the Nazis closer to the Aryan master race they wished for.

NASA is going to play the classic arcade β€˜claw game’ on Mars

By Chris Ciaccia

Earlier this week, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory posted a video of how its InSight lander, set to arrive on Mars on November 26, will use its robotic arm and position its sensitive instruments on Mars' surface in an effort to study the inside of the planet for the first time ever.

Orionid meteor shower to light up night sky this weekend: Everything you need to know

By Jennifer Earl

Halloween fans are in for an early treat — a sprinkle of stars will be visible in the night's sky this weekend as the Orionid meteor shower makes its annual appearance.

Stephen Hawking's children and colleagues discuss physicist's final book, legacy

By Sarah Lewin Space.com Associate Editor

In his final book, released Oct. 16, Stephen Hawking tackles big questions about the universe, delving into physics, cosmology, the existence of God and the future direction of humanity.

T. Rex's puny arms were useful after all

By Laura Geggel

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Tyrannosaurus rex and other meat-eating dinosaurs are often mocked for their laughably puny arms, but new research indicates that these fearsome predators could do a lot more with these little limbs than previously realized.

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