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Dinosaur extinction was 'all about the asteroid,' casting doubt about volcano's impact, new study says

By Chris Ciaccia

Several studies have suggested a volcano eruption played a greater role in the extinction of the dinosaurs than the asteroid that crashed into modern-day Mexico. A new study is hoping to end the debate, suggesting "it was all about the asteroid."

Scientists unlock secrets about mysterious giant squid

By Chris Ciaccia

Not much is known about the mysterious giant squid, a creature that was first captured on film in 2005. Now, researchers have decoded the giant cephalopod's genome, hoping to unlock more secrets about the legendary squid.

Incan idol that allegedly escaped conquistadors' destruction is real, new analysis shows

By Laura Geggel

A basketball-player-size wooden idol that allegedly escaped destruction by the Spanish conquistadors is real — but it may not be quite what people suspected. The statue is even older than thought, and may have been worshipped by the people who came before the Inca. 

Queen Victoria's dress, boots, stockings and underwear discovered in cabinet

By Chris Ciaccia

A treasure trove of items belonging to Queen Victoria has been discovered in a cabinet in England for 100 years and could sell for a pretty penny at auction later this month.

'Wolf' moon, partial lunar eclipse thrill skywatchers

By James Rogers

Skywatchers have been enjoying the January full Moon, known as the ‘Wolf’ Moon, as well as a partial lunar eclipse in parts of the world.

Australia’s fires have killed or imperiled 1 billion animals, expert warns

By Christopher Carbone

More than 1 billion birds, reptiles and mammals may have been killed by the fires sweeping across Australian, according to a new estimate from the University of Sydney.

Rare, 2,000-year-old Jerusalem measuring table reveals Temple Mount market

By Christopher Carbone

After discovering a highly rare, 2,000-year-old measuring table that was once used to assess wine or olive oil containers in Jerusalem, experts believe they've pinpointed the location of a crucial ancient market near the Temple Mount.

17-year-old NASA intern makes stunning discovery

By James Rogers

Wolf Cukier, a student from Scarsdale High School in New York was just three days into a summer internship at NASA when he made a remarkable discovery.

Cosmic rays are starting to tear apart this Milky Way satellite galaxy

Cosmic rays are tiny charged particles accelerated to nearly the speed of light through some of the most violent events in the universe. By themselves they're not too awful, but in big enough numbers they can start to wreak havoc on entire galaxies.