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Photographer snaps funny picture of owl yawning

By Chris Ciaccia

A photographer has captured an amusing photo of an owl mid-yawn while walking around an English nature preserve, British news agency SWNS reports. 

'Jurassic Park' got nearly everything wrong about Dilophosaurus, new study says

By Chris Ciaccia

Even though Dilophosaurus was a "beautiful, but deadly" addition to Jurassic Park, the hit movie of the same name was wildly incorrect in how it portrayed the deadly dinosaur, a new study suggests.

Did Leonardo da Vinci's 'quick eye' help him capture Mona Lisa's fleeting smile?

By Tom Metcalfe

The famed Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci may have been blessed with the same "quick eye" that may give top tennis and baseball players an edge. In Leonardo's case, this super-vision may have enabled him to see and capture fleeting moments in his paintings — such as the enigmatic half-smile of the Mona Lisa.

Scientists find first direct evidence of ocean mixing across the Gulf Stream

By James Rogers

Scientists have discovered the first direct evidence of the so-called Gulf Stream “blender effect” where the waters mix on either side of the current.

Genes from 'culturally extinct' Indigenous group discovered in unsuspecting Tennessee man

By Laura Geggel

The last known members of the Indigenous Beothuk people of Newfoundland were thought to have died out 200 years ago. But genes from these people have been found in a man living in Tennessee today, researchers reported.