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Apollo 11: Smithsonian showcases stunning Moon landing artifacts

By James Rogers

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped from the Eagle Lunar Module and made his “one giant leap for mankind.” To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is showcasing a host of stunning artifacts from the epic mission.

Arctic permafrost is going through a rapid meltdown β€” 70 years early

By Grant Currin

In the Canadian Arctic, layers of permafrost that scientists expected to remain frozen for at least 70 years have already begun thawing. The once-frozen surface is now sinking and dotted with melt ponds and from above looks a bit like Swiss cheese, satellite images reveal.

New β€˜window into the planet’ installed in Mount Everest’s β€˜death zone’

By Christopher Carbone

Scientists can now access data from within Mount Everest's so-called death zone — the highest part of the mountain that sits over 26,000 feet above sea level where there isn't enough oxygen to sustain human life for very long. 

Breaks in the perfect symmetry of the universe could be a window into completely new physics

By Paul Sutter

The bible of particle physics is dying for an upgrade. And physicists may have just the thing: Some particles and forces might look in the mirror and not recognize themselves. That, in itself, would send the so-called Standard Model into a tailspin.

Harry Reid wants hearings on what the military knows about UFOs: 'They would be surprised how the American public would accept it'

By Chris Ciaccia

Nearly two years after it was reported that the Pentagon set up a secret program to investigate UFOs at the request of former Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, the former Senator is clamoring for Congress to look into what the military knows about their existence.

New York town learned to live with rattlesnakes

By Louis Casiano

A sparse, rattlesnake rich landscape in northeastern New York state where property owners have encountered the large population of snakes in the most mundane of circumstances.

People smoked pot to get high 2,500 years ago, study says

By Laura Geggel Associate Editor

Getting high on marijuana may not be a modern pastime, as archaeologists have found the earliest clear evidence to date that people were smoking cannabis for its psychoactive properties some 2,500 years ago.

Mysterious, gaping holes in Antarctic ice explained

By Stephanie Pappas Live Science Contributor

Enormous holes in the Antarctic winter ice pack have popped up sporadically since the 1970s, but the reason for their formation has been largely mysterious.

Ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa has table salt, just like Earth's seas

By Mike Wall

The huge ocean sloshing beneath the ice shell of the Jupiter moon Europa may be intriguingly similar to the seas of Earth, a new study suggests.