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Yesterday β€” November 19th 2019NYT Technology

What Is End-to-End Encryption? Another Bull’s-Eye on Big Tech

By Nicole Perlroth

After years of on-and-off debate over nearly snoop-proof security, the industry is girding for new pressure from law enforcement around the world.

How a Gig Worker Revolt Begins

By Nathaniel Popper

Rev was just a small start-up offering online transcriptions. Now it’s the latest symbol of a gig-economy company whose workers are fed up.

Dealing With Bias in Artificial Intelligence

By Craig S. Smith

Three women with extensive experience in A.I. spoke on the topic and how to confront it.

Big Tech’s Toughest Opponent Says She’s Just Getting Started

By Adam Satariano and Matina Stevis-Gridneff

Margrethe Vestager won praise for her oversight of the tech industry. Now, with more authority from the European Union, she envisions a more aggressive agenda.

Before yesterdayNYT Technology

Watch Bees Surf to Safety on Waves They Create

By Emma Goldberg

When honeybees fall into water, they generate their own ripples, then glide to dry land, a study found.

Google Stadia Wants You to Replace Your Video Game Console. Don’t.

By Brian X. Chen

The search giant’s new console-free gaming service is a neat concept. But there are bugs and too many unknowns.

T-Mobile’s Longtime C.E.O., John Legere, Will Step Down

By Edmund Lee

Mr. Legere was credited with reviving the telecommunications company. He has been instrumental in navigating T-Mobile’s pending merger deal with Sprint.

SoftBank and Line Corp. Seek to Create a Japanese Internet Giant

By Ben Dooley

Fresh off a multibillion-dollar loss on WeWork, SoftBank plans to shore up its domestic business with a big bet on Japan’s leading messaging app company.

A 17-Mile Hike to Unite San Francisco

By Nellie Bowles

A motley alliance decided a single trail could unite this divided city. A sixth-generation native sets out to walk it.

WeWork May Lay Off Thousands

By Peter Eavis and Mike Isaac

The beleaguered office space company is said to be planning to cut its work force by at least a third in a bid to stabilize its business.

HP Rejects Xerox Takeover Bid

By David Yaffe-Bellany

The cash-and-stock offer “significantly undervalues HP and is not in the best interests of HP shareholders,” company officials wrote.

For Start-Ups, Cash Is King (Again)

By Erin Griffith

Some are preparing for a potential downturn by cutting spending and raising money earlier than planned. Just as they did before.

Supreme Court to Hear Google and Oracle Copyright Case

By Adam Liptak

The justices agreed to decide whether the search giant was liable for billions in a dispute over its Android operating system.

The Work Diary of an Audio Erotica C.E.O.

By Erin Griffith

Dipsea’s Gina Gutierrez spends her days setting investors straight and moderating “Hunks Brainstorm” sessions.