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Today β€” April 1st 2020NPR Business

FEMA Hadn't Ordered Ventilators. Manufacturers Forged Ahead Anyway

By Camila Domonoske
Joe Cipollone of Ventec Life Systems explains the company

Medical technology companies — sometimes working with carmakers — have been massively increasing production of ventilators. For two weeks, they've been working without government contracts in hand.

(Image credit: AJ Mast/General Motors)

  • April 1st 2020 at 18:09

Nearly Half A Million Companies In Germany File For State Funds To Pay Workers

By Rob Schmitz
A woman walks at a closed restaurant in an empty terminal at the airport in Munich. Businesses across Germany have closed or cut back hours because of the new coronavirus.

As Europe's largest economy gets hit with COVID-19, a German government financial aid program will make up some of the lost income for millions of employees.

(Image credit: Christof Stache/AFP via Getty Images)

  • April 1st 2020 at 17:50

Factories Feel The Coronavirus Slump

By Scott Horsley
Workers leave an FCA Chrysler truck plant in Detroit on March 18 after the automaker shut down all of its North America factories as a precaution against the coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on the nation's factories. Manufacturing activity slumped in March as the virus cut into both supply and demand.

(Image credit: Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images)

  • April 1st 2020 at 17:55

Coast Guard Tells Cruise Ships With COVID-19 Cases To Stay Away From U.S. Ports

By Bill Chappell
Cruise ships are docked at PortMiami on Tuesday. The U.S. Coast Guard has been working with cruise companies to bring people off of ships stricken with the coronavirus — but a new bulletin also says foreign-flagged ships should not rely on U.S. help.

By registering ships in the Bahamas and other countries, many companies can avoid U.S. laws. The Coast Guard says they should seek medical aid from those countries rather than rely on the U.S.

(Image credit: Wilfredo Lee/AP)

  • April 1st 2020 at 17:35

New Survey Shows Manufacturing Activity Slumped In March

By Scott Horsley

New orders, production and employment were all down.These are just some of the ways the coronavirus pandemic and the government's effort to address it are slamming the brakes on the U.S. economy.

  • April 1st 2020 at 17:08

It's The 1st Of The Month. Renters Are In A Much Tougher Spot Than Homeowners

By Chris Arnold
Nicolena Loshonkohl, a single mom in Roanoke, Va., lost all her income when the hair salon where she worked shut down. She

The government ordered lenders to let homeowners skip payments if they lost income because of the coronavirus. But landlords can require renters to pay even if they've lost their jobs. And many are.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Nicolena Loshonkohl )

  • April 1st 2020 at 11:04

U.S. Buys Masks From China While Criticizing It For COVID-19

By Jackie Northam

While Secretary of State Pompeo denounces China for its handling of what he calls the "Wuhan virus," the U.S. is racing to acquire medical masks and other protective equipment from China.

  • April 1st 2020 at 11:04

'America's Got Talent' Win Could Help Mumbai Group Out Of Poverty

By Sushmita Pathak

Acrobatic dancers from Mumbai's slums performed to a Bollywood song and wowed the audience. Fame may help them out of poverty. NPR's India producer visited some of their homes.

  • April 1st 2020 at 11:04

Financial Strategies To Adopt During Uncertain Times

NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Michelle Singletary, who writes about personal finance for The Washington Post, about what people can do during the coronavirus outbreak to ensure more financial security.

  • April 1st 2020 at 11:04

Feds Warn Merchants Against Coronavirus Treatment Claims

By Marisa PeΓ±aloza
FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn speaks on March 19 at a White House news conference on the coronavirus outbreak.

The FDA has sent warning letters to seven marketers of products including essential oils, nasal sprays and herbal concoctions. No treatments or vaccines for COVID-19 have been approved.

(Image credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

  • April 1st 2020 at 04:10

Cruise Ship Struggling With COVID-19 Headed To Florida

By Greg Allen
Holland America

A cruise ship with four dead and nearly 200 people who have been sick with suspected COVID-19 may dock in Fort Lauderdale if cruise company executives and public officials can agree on a plan.

(Image credit: Luis Acosta/AFP via Getty Images)

  • April 1st 2020 at 03:47

Justice Department Looking Into Senator's Stock Sell-Off

By Tim Mak
Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., speaks with reporters at the Capitol in February.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr sold off a large amount of stocks before the coronavirus market crash. The FBI will assess whether he was motivated by nonpublic information.

(Image credit: Alex Brandon/AP)

  • April 1st 2020 at 03:31
Yesterday β€” March 31st 2020NPR Business

The 1st Of The Month Is Coming Amid A Pandemic. What If You Can't Pay Rent?

Rent is due Wednesday for millions of Americans, many of whom are out of work. Slate's Henry Grabar talks with NPR's Ailsa Chang about what might happen if they can't pay.

  • March 31st 2020 at 22:15

Trump Administration Finalizes Fuel Economy Standards Rollback, A Key Policy Goal

By Nathan Rott

The Trump administration is replacing Obama-era fuel economy standards with weaker ones that will allow for more air pollution. Groups are already lining up to challenge the new rule.

  • March 31st 2020 at 22:15

HHS To Help Companies Develop COVID-19 Vaccines

By Sydney Lupkin
A scientist works in a lab at Moderna in Cambridge, Mass., in February. Moderna has developed an experimental coronavirus medicine, but an approved treatment could be more than a year away.

The Department of Health and Human Services outlines support for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, as the companies work to develop coronavirus vaccines. Beefing up manufacturing capacity is a priority.

(Image credit: David L. Ryan/Boston Globe via Getty Images)

  • March 31st 2020 at 21:53

Economy On Lockdown: Jobless Rate Could Be Highest Since WWII

By Scott Horsley
As efforts to slow the coronavirus pandemic temporarily put millions of Americans out of work, forecasters are predicting a record slowdown in the U.S. economy.

As efforts to slow the coronavirus pandemic temporarily put millions of Americans out of work, forecasters are predicting a record slowdown in the U.S. economy.

(Image credit: Ben Margot/AP)

  • March 31st 2020 at 21:47

Walmart To Start Checking Workers' Temperatures

By Alina Selyukh
Walmart announced a series of measures to safeguard against the coronavirus and urged shoppers to limit how often they visit its stores.

The retailer also plans to distribute masks and gloves to workers and add one-way aisles. The company continues to urge shoppers to be "prudent" in stocking up on toilet paper and other supplies.

(Image credit: Matt Rourke/AP)

  • March 31st 2020 at 21:17

New York Mayor, Attorney General Seek Investigations Over Fired Amazon Worker

By Alina Selyukh
Some Amazon warehouse workers in New York

The warehouse employee helped organize a walkout to demand closure of the facility following several COVID-19 cases. Amazon fired him the same day, saying he violated quarantine and safety measures.

(Image credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

  • March 31st 2020 at 20:30

Average Gas Prices Are Below $2. A Few Stations Are Even Selling For Under $1

By Camila Domonoske
Drivers are paying less than $1.99 at more than two-thirds of the gas stations in the country,  according to AAA.

AAA says the national average is $1.997 per gallon and it's expected to drop further in the coming weeks. In a few places it's less than half that, but most Americans aren't driving much these days.

(Image credit: Sue Ogrocki/AP)

  • March 31st 2020 at 20:03

Builder Of Controversial Keystone XL Pipeline Says It's Moving Forward

By Jeff Brady
After a decade of protests in Nebraska and elsewhere, TC Energy has committed to building the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

The final decision to build the project comes after a decade of protests and political reversals in the U.S. Now critics say construction poses a new risk with the coronavirus pandemic.

(Image credit: Nati Harnik/AP)

  • March 31st 2020 at 18:43