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Today β€” July 17th 2019DutchNews News

It’s five years since the downing of MH17: What the papers say

By hanneke
Wednesday is five years to the day when flight MH17 from Schiphol to Kuala Lumpur was downed by a Russian...

Police problems can’t be solved overnight, says national chief

By robin
Dutch police chief Erik Akerboom has told television talk show Jinek it would be an illusion to think problems within...

Support up for VVD in latest poll of polls, PvdA also rises

By robin
Both the right-wing liberal VVD and the Labour party (PvdA) have increased their support in the latest poll of polls,...

1.2 million Dutch hit by cyber crime, but most don’t report it

By robin
Some 1.2 million people in the Netherlands were affected by some sort of internet-related crime last year, the national statistics...

Housing rents rise again, but increase is a four-year low

By robin
New tenants are paying an average of 3.1% more for their homes than they would have done a year ago,...

5G roll-out will require thousands of new antennas, councils must comply

By robin
Legislation paving the way for the roll-out of super fast 5G internet services in the Netherlands requires Dutch local authorities...
Yesterday β€” July 16th 2019DutchNews News

Executive pay deals continue to grow, outstrip shop floor wage rises

By robin
The bosses of 117 trendsetting Dutch companies and semi-public organisations saw their earnings rise by an average of 7.2% last...

No ruling yet on Crimean treasure fate, court wants more information

By robin
The fate of a valuable collection of gold and other treasures from Crimea remains unclear after Amsterdam’s appeals court said...

Nato assembly document confirms US nuclear bombs are in NL

By robin
One of the worst kept Dutch military secrets, that US nuclear weapons are being stored at the Dutch airbase in...

Hospital fined €460,000 for privacy breaches after Barbie case

By robin
The Haga hospital in The Hague has been fined €460,000 for poor patient file security, after it emerged a tv...

Pay gap potential? Women are not willing to travel far to work

By robin
Women are less willing than men to travel long distances to work and this may be restricting their career opportunities,...

Clear weather promises good views of partial lunar eclipse

By robin
A partial eclipse of the moon will be visible in the Netherlands on Tuesday, if the weather is right. The...

Dutch consider US request to join Strait of Hormuz security effort

By robin
The Dutch cabinet is considering a request from the US to help protect shipping in the key Strait of Hormuz...

Struggling speciality supermarket group Marqt closes two big stores

By robin
Specialty supermarket group Marqt is to close its two large stores and concentrate on outlets of around 350 square metres...

Germany positive about Dijsselbloem for IMF top job: Handelsblatt

By robin
German paper Handelsblatt is reporting that the German government is ‘positive’ about former Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s nomination for...

Nijmegen wakes up early to wave off 44,000 four-day marchers

By robin
The 103rd edition of the Nijmegen Vierdaagse, or four day march, kicked off in the early hours of Tuesday with...
Before yesterdayDutchNews News

Sunshine and 28 degrees later this week, but showers and storms too

By Gordon Darroch
Summer is set to return by the end of the week, with parts of the country touching 30 degrees as...

β€˜Use natural pest controls to fight oak processionary caterpillars’

By Gordon Darroch
oak processionary caterpillarCouncil pest controllers have been urged not to use vacuums or poison to remove oak processionary caterpillars as they risk...

Founder of German cancer clinic guilty of causing deaths of three patients

By Gordon Darroch
The founder of an alternative cancer clinic where three patients died during treatment has been given a two-year suspended jail...

ChristenUnie, Socialists want restrictions to EU labour migration

By robin
The Netherlands should be able to decide how many migrant workers it allows into the country from eastern and central...