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Today β€” November 12th 2019DutchNews News

Daytime speed limit to be slashed to 100 kph to cut pollution: NOS

By robin
The cabinet is planning to cut the maximum speed limit to 100 kph nationwide between 6am and 7pm, in an...

Dutch government to appeal against IS children repatriation ruling

By robin
The cabinet is to appeal against a court ruling ordering the Netherlands to do all it can to bring back...

Man arrested for threatening to blow himself up in support of Zwarte Piet

By robin
A man has been arrested in The Hague for threatening to blow himself up in support of the traditional blackface...

Long waiting lists cripple help for anorexia patients, special centres are being set up

By hanneke
The government is setting up two regional eating disorder expertise centres after being warned that more people will die of...

IS children verdict divides politicians, as US renews offer to help with repatriation

By robin
Monday’s court ruling telling the Dutch government that it must do what it can to bring back IS children to...

Dutch media mogul wins case against fake bitcoin ad and Facebook

By robin
Facebook app on mobile phoneFacebook has been ordered by a Dutch court to tackle fraudulent advertising for bitcoin which uses Dutch celebrities without their...

Flummoxed online customers increase need for customer service

By hanneke
More online sales and services have increased the number of people working in customer service and on helpdesks, the AD...

Fewer people infected with HIV, tracing those who don’t know is main challenge

By robin
The number of new HIV infections registered in the Netherlands continues to fall, according to new figures published on Tuesday...

Vegetarian Butcher to supply 2,500 Burger Kings with meat-free patties

By robin
Dutch meat substitute company The Vegetarian Butcher has won a contract to supply burgers to Burger King in Europe, Africa...

Little change in health insurance premiums ahead, as collective discount is slashed

By robin
Two of the four big Dutch health insurance companies have lowered their premiums this year, as the annual season to...

Rotterdam to equip its street wardens with bodycams after experiment

By robin
Rotterdam is to equip all its 400 street wardens with bodycams at a cost of €250,000, city officials have decided....
Yesterday β€” November 11th 2019DutchNews News

Brom disposal: more scooter riders switching to electric

By Gordon Darroch
Electric scooters are becoming more popular and now account for one in seven new purchases, according to figures by motoring...

Man who stabbed joggers is jailed on four counts of attempted murder

By robin
A man who stabbed several women from a driving car while they were out jogging or cycling has been found...

β€˜Mystery shoppers’ to tackle discrimination in housing sector

By robin
Mystery guests posing as house buyers or prospective tenants are to be recruited in an attempt to stamp out discrimination...

Court says Dutch state should bring IS children home – but not their mothers

By robin
The Dutch government must ‘make all possible efforts’ to repatriate some 56 Dutch children in refugee camps in Northern Syria,...

Old, polluting cars should go to the scrap heap: research

By hanneke
Taking old cars off the road would cut nitrogen-based pollution by 35%, research commissioned by the AD has found. The...

Chemicals in salt ban may result in slippery roads this winter

By hanneke
A preliminary investigation has shown the gritting salt used to combat slippery roads in winter contains too many harmful chemicals...

Farmers stage new nitrogen protest outside provincial assembly in Haarlem

By Gordon Darroch
Farmers are taking to the roads again to keep up the pressure on provincial governments to scale back measures to...

Police on course to seize record amount of cocaine in Rotterdam in 2019

By Gordon Darroch
Police have intercepted a haul of 300 kilograms of cocaine at Rotterdam docks after receiving a tip-off. Three men aged...

Bol.com to move into clothing ahead of Amazon launch in the Netherlands

By robin
Dutch online retailer Bol.com is planning to start selling clothes within a few months to head off competition from Amazon,...