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Buttigieg Struggles to Square Transparency With Nondisclosure Agreement

By Sydney Ember, Reid J. Epstein and Trip Gabriel

Mr. Buttigieg says he has no choice but to honor the agreement he signed while working for McKinsey & Company. Critics say it undermines his image of transparency.

The Bowhunting Influencer of Iowa Democrats

By Sydney Ember

Rob Sand figured out how to win statewide office as a Democrat in Iowa, and now the presidential contenders are seeking his counsel — that is, when he isn’t deer hunting with bow and arrow.

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Buttigieg, Sanders and Warren Debate: Free College for Some or for All?

By Maggie Astor

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want to make public college free for everyone, even the wealthy. But Pete Buttigieg, who wants an income limit, is attacking their plans.

When Pete Buttigieg Was One of McKinsey’s β€˜Whiz Kids’

By Michael Forsythe

The candidate, citing a nondisclosure agreement, has been largely mum about his stint at “the firm.” Former McKinsey employees helped fill in the blanks.

For Entertaining Musicals, Look No Further Than … Paris

By Laura Cappelle

The genre has long been seen as minor in the French capital, but a string of English-language productions is creating a pleasingly upbeat dynamic.

Buttigieg’s Untenable Vow of Silence

By The Editorial Board

He needs to give voters more information about his work for the consulting firm McKinsey.

Why the Less Disruptive Health Care Option Could Be Plenty Disruptive

By Margot Sanger-Katz

Democrats like the “optional” part of the so-called public option. But the very existence of new government insurance could shake up the system.

Liberal Veterans’ Group Endorses Pete Buttigieg in 2020 Race

By Reid J. Epstein

VoteVets is the first major organization to endorse the mayor of South Bend, Ind., who served in Afghanistan with the Navy.

The Case for Bernie

By Ross Douthat

The Democrats need a unifier. It could be the Vermont Socialist.

Why Progressive Candidates Should Invoke Conservative Values

By Robb Willer and Jan Voelkel

Research suggests they would gain moderate and conservative support — without losing ground among their base.

2020 Democratic Candidates Wage Escalating Fight (on the Merits of Fighting)

By Mark Leibovich

For all the emphasis placed on the various divides among the candidates, the question of “to fight or not to fight” might represent the most meaningful contrast.

O.K., Mayor: Why 37-Year-Old Pete Buttigieg Is Attracting Boomers

By Sydney Ember

Calling himself the “retirement guy” and pitching a “Gray New Deal,” Mr. Buttigieg has crafted a message that resonates among older white Americans, helping him rocket past other candidates in some polls.

Pete Buttigieg Responds to Uproar Over Past Comments on Minority Students

By Reid J. Epstein and Sydney Ember

Michael Harriot, who wrote a scathing essay about Mr. Buttigieg in The Root, said his goal was to point out that “the ignoring and whitewashing of the issues, and trying to remain appealing to moderate voters, does a disservice to the Democratic Party’s core constituency.”