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India Restores Some Internet Access in Kashmir After Long Shutdown

By Kai Schultz and Sameer Yasir

The announcement applied only to 301 websites, and many Kashmiris said they were still in an information black hole.

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At Border of 2 Nuclear-Armed Nations: Machine Guns, Anxiety and Dancing

By Jeffrey Gettleman

Every evening along the India-Pakistan border, the two sides stage enormous nationalistic pep rallies, whose highlight is a military “stomp-off.”

Mystery of the Royal Family of Oudh Unravels a Bit More

By Ellen Barry and Suhasini Raj

Times readers and government documents have provided new information about a family who for decades convinced journalists and Indian officials that they were royalty.

Indian General Talks of β€˜Deradicalization Camps’ for Kashmiris

By Jeffrey Gettleman and Kai Schultz

It’s unclear what Gen. Bipin Rawat, chief of India’s defense staff, meant. But rights activists fear that something like what China has introduced for Uighurs could be coming.

Avalanches Sweep Through Kashmir, Killing Dozens

By Jalaluddin Mughal, Maria Abi-Habib and Salman Masood

Whole families were buried in the Pakistani-controlled portion of the disputed territory, and rescuers are risking their own lives.

Zegna’s Indian Ambitions

By Phyllida Jay

Along with its investment in Thom Browne, the group turns its eyes, and money, eastward.

Behind Campus Attack in India, Some See a Far-Right Agenda

By Kai Schultz and Suhasini Raj

Hindu nationalists view Jawaharlal Nehru University, where a mob rampaged last weekend, as “a symbol of everything that is bad in this country,” one analyst said.

India’s β€˜Pickle Queen’ Preserves Everything, Including the Past

By Tejal Rao

Usha Prabakaran’s 20-year-old cookbook, crammed with recipes from home cooks, is simple and self-published. But it has become a cult classic in India.

Masked Men Attack Students in Rampage at University in New Delhi

By Kai Schultz and Suhasini Raj

Dozens were hurt by attackers who shouted Hindu slogans. Some students said they belonged to a far-right Hindu group, which denied involvement.

Muslims Organize Huge Protests Across India, Challenging Modi

By Hari Kumar and Maria Abi-Habib

As nationwide demonstrations entered their fourth week, India’s Muslims — long a fragmented group — organized into a formidable force against a contentious citizenship law.

As India Violence Gets Worse, Police Are Accused of Abusing Muslims

By Kai Schultz and Sameer Yasir

As demonstrations over a citizenship law sweep India, more accounts are emerging of mistreatment and harsh tactics by police and state officials.

India Cold Wave Breaks Records, Shuts Schools and Makes Bad Air Worse

By Hari Kumar and Sameer Yasir

Across the north, including New Delhi, plunging temperatures have caused a run on shelters in a region more used to extreme heat.

India Adopts the Tactic of Authoritarians: Shutting Down the Internet

By Jeffrey Gettleman, Vindu Goel and Maria Abi-Habib

India, the world’s largest democracy, shuts down the internet far more than any other country. This week, 60 million people — roughly the size of France — have no service.

What India Looks Like When the Air Turns to Poison

By Kai Schultz

The toxic New Delhi skies are caused in part by the burning of fields, and officials have begun restricting car use, shutting primary schools and halting construction projects.

In Kashmir, a Race Against Death, With No Way to Call a Doctor

By Sameer Yasir and Jeffrey Gettleman

Medical personnel in Kashmir say preventable deaths are happening because of blocked streets, medicine shortages, and a phone and internet blockade by India.