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Rage and Reaction on the Streets of New York

By Mara Gay and Jordan Gale

The N.Y.P.D. strikes back harshly at demonstrators in a weekend of protests over the death of another black American at the hands of police.

How to Disinfect a Police Car in a Pandemic: Make It an Oven

By Neal E. Boudette

The N.Y.P.D. and other departments were concerned about the spread of the coronavirus in vehicles. Ford’s answer is software to crank up the heat.

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Charges Recommended Against 3 Officers Involved in Violent N.Y. Arrest

By Ashley Southall and Jeffery C. Mays

The departmental charges would be in connection with a May 2 incident in the East Village during which an officer sat on a man’s neck.

The Coronavirus Morgue Trucks of New York City

By Caitlin Ochs and Gina Cherelus

This is what it looks like when thousands of people die and there’s not enough room to store their bodies.

A Car Salesman, a Macedonian Ex-Minister and a $45 Million Mask Scheme

By William K. Rashbaum

Prosecutors charged a New Jersey man who was part of an unlikely crew that sought a lucrative deal to provide desperately needed protective equipment.

A 96-Year-Old Veteran Was Near Death. Then He Met His Social Worker.

By Ali Watkins

After Covid-19 killed his wife, George Crouch had little spirit to fight his own battle against the disease. But he found common ground with a military visitor.

Gallery Sues Landlord, Claiming Covid-19 Shutdown Voids Lease

By Colin Moynihan

The lawsuit contends that since the Venus Over Manhattan gallery is closed by government orders during the pandemic, the lease should be terminated.

How Quarantine Saved the Hot Dog

By Alyson Krueger

Facing a summer with no baseball and no picnics, the makers of the original Coney Island red hot feared the worst. But even with an empty boardwalk, business is booming.

β€˜Lord Have Mercy’: Inside One of New York’s Deadliest ZIP Codes

By Kassie Bracken and Emily Rhyne

In early March, doctors at St. John’s hospital in Far Rockaway identified the first Covid-19 patient in Queens. Now, there is an uneasy lull and the staff fears a second wave will come.

What About the Plants?

By Jill P. Capuzzo

The greenery left behind by New Yorkers during the pandemic may not survive until the lockdown ends. But some who stayed behind are working to keep the plants alive.

For Homeless Girl Scouts, It’s Not All Badges and Cookies

By Samuel G. Freedman

Nikita Stewart’s article about Troop 6000 landed them on the front page. Her book should lead to a bigger conversation about their struggles.