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Trump Jumps Into Impeachment Fray With Both Feet

By Peter Baker

Some advisers worry that the president is giving oxygen to a fire that otherwise might burn out or at least be left to crackle in the background.

Trump Officials Prepare to Bypass Congress to Sell Weapons to Gulf Nations

By Edward Wong, Catie Edmondson and Eric Schmitt

The move would infuriate Democrats and Republicans in Congress, who are seeking to limit American military support for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Should the Electoral College Be Eliminated? 15 States Are Trying to Make It Obsolete


On Tuesday, Nevada became the latest state to pass a bill that would grant its Electoral College votes to whoever wins the national popular vote.

Flu Outbreak Prompts Largest Border Detention Center to Stop Processing Migrants

By Manny Fernandez

A day after a 16-year-old boy who had the flu died in custody, the Border Patrol found signs of illness among many more migrants detained at a center in McAllen, Tex.

Nationwide Injunctions Speak to Judiciary’s Growing Power, Barr Says

By Katie Benner

The broad use of such injunctions illustrates how the federal district courts have undermined executive authority, the attorney general said in a speech on Tuesday evening.

Exploring the Soul of the South

By John M. Barry

In “Spying on the South,” Tony Horwitz recreates a trip taken by Frederick Law Olmsted in the early 1850s.

Letters From Washington: Your Employees Could Be Undocumented


The Social Security Administration has mailed “no-match letters” to more than 570,000 employers since March, sending shock waves through industries that rely on undocumented workers.