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Audio Captured Iran Plane Downing: β€˜That Surely Is the Light From a Missile’

By Andrew E. Kramer

Air traffic tapes recorded an exchange between an Iranian controller and a stunned pilot who saw a nearby plane blown up in midair.

Stacey Abrams plans to be president by 2040

By Tyler Olson

Abrams, who has not held an office higher than Georgia House of Representatives, says she plans to be the President of the United States by 2040.

Iran Acknowledges It Fired 2 Missiles at Ukrainian Jet

By Ben Hubbard

It also appeared to walk back a promise to send the jet’s data recorders abroad for analysis, asking the United States and France to send the necessary equipment to Iran instead.

Bodies of Ukrainians Killed in Iran Plane Crash Are Returned Home

By Andrew E. Kramer

President Volodymyr Zelensky attended a ceremony for the 11 Ukrainians killed on the airliner shot down by Iran.

Downed Plane’s Black Boxes Will Go to Ukraine, Iranian Media Says

By Elian Peltier

A spokeswoman for Ukraine’s president said she could not confirm that its authorities were receiving the data recorders from the jet Iran mistakenly shot down, killing 176.

Canada Offers Compensation to Families of Victims of Plane Downed in Iran

By Ian Austen

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the payments to Canadian families of victims do not absolve Iran from providing compensation.

Top Iranian general killed by U.S. airstrike had to be identified by his ring: Iraqi officials

By Brie Stimson

A top Iranian general killed by a U.S. airstrike at the Baghdad international airport early Friday had to be identified by the ring he wore, Iraqi officials said.

Saudi Arabia hands down 5 death sentences for Khashoggi’s killing, state TV says

A court in Saudi Arabia on Monday sentenced five people to death for the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul last year by a team of Saudi agents.

Massive animals in Australia died from humans and climate change, study says

By Walt Bonner

Nearly 42,000 years ago, massive animals such as six-foot-tall birds, 23-foot long lizards and wombat-like creatures the size of a Buick could be seen roaming the countryside. But a new study has found that these megafaunas became extinct because of human intervention and climate change.