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On the Packing List This Year: Masks, Sanitizer and a Very Good Boy

By Sarah Firshein

Neither house sitters nor jetting off for the weekend are possibilities for most dog owners who want to travel right now. So these furry friends are increasingly curled up in the back (or front) seat, enjoying the ride.

Saudi Arabia Opens Airspace to Israeli Flights for First Time

By Megan Specia

The decision to allow all flights to and from the United Arab Emirates to cross Saudi airspace came after the first direct flight between Israel and the U.A.E. as relations warm between the two countries.

Jet Pack Sighting at 3,000 Feet Over LA Prompts Investigation

By ConcepciΓ³n de LeΓ³n

Two commercial pilots approaching the city’s main airport reported a man out for a high-altitude spin. The F.B.I. is looking into it.

Israeli Airliner Completes First Direct Flight to Arab Emirates

By David M. Halbfinger

The flight carried the hope of closer ties between Israel and the Arab world, and a diplomatic delegation that included President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The Runway Lights Failed, So Villagers Used Their Headlights to Aid an Airlift

A child was waiting to be flown to Anchorage, but the pilot of a LifeMed Alaska flight could not see the runway at the airport in Igiugig, Alaska, officials said.

Poland re-introduces ban on flights from 46 countries

By Georgi Gotev

Poland will ban flights from 46 countries, including France and Spain, as of 2 September, according to a draft regulation published on Thursday (27 August), as the country grapples with a spike in coronavirus infections.

Don’t Drink the Tea: Poison Is a Favored Weapon in Russia

By Andrew E. Kramer

Poison has been a preferred tool of the Russian security service for more than a century, and critics of the Kremlin say it remains in the arsenal today.

5 Things We Know About Flying Right Now

By Elaine Glusac

As passengers cautiously return to air travel, there are a few issues worth considering — from middle-seat policies to questions about virus transmission on airlines.

Virgin Orbit Launch Attempt Ends Without Trip to Space

By Kenneth Chang

The company, founded by Richard Branson, had hoped to show that it can send small satellites to orbit from virtually anywhere.