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Judge Orders Los Angeles Times to Delete Part of Published Article


Legal experts said the order, to remove references from a sealed document that was made public by mistake, was probably unconstitutional. The paper said it would appeal.

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Transparency International reveals MEPs’ additional income

By Aline Robert

MEPs’ outside income raises questions : some MEPs (particularly on the far-right) take part in activities which are likely to lead to conflicts of interest, without the European Parliament taking the slightest action. EURACTIV.fr reports

Anti-violence protesters plan to shut down Chicago freeway

By Bradford Betz

A group of protesters were planning Saturday to march down a major Chicago highway as part of a broader push to increase pressure on public officials to address the gun violence that's claimed hundreds of lives in the city.

Conservative graduate who posed with gun in viral photo fires 'big scary rifle' in video

By Caleb Parke

The conservative Kent State University graduate who went viral for posing with her rifle on campus as a parting shot at the school’s anti-gun policy posted a video that is sure to set off her detractors.

Janus Decision Reins in Unions’ Political Power


Public employee unions have too much influence in some states. The Supreme Court’s ruling will take them down a peg.

Sidebar: He Sold Drugs for $225. Indiana Took His $42,000 Land Rover.


The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the Constitution has anything to say about civil forfeiture laws that let states take property used in crimes.