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Columbine Survivors Reflect, and Reckon With Specter of Future Shootings


On the 20th anniversary of the Colorado school shooting, survivors gathered to remember their classmates who were killed. Several said they now worry about their own children.

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20 Years After Columbine, Schools Have Gotten Safer. But Fears Have Only Grown.


The panic of mass shootings has ramped up efforts to secure schools. But anxieties remain high, even as federal data shows that schools are less violent.

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β€˜Infatuated’ With Columbine: Threats and Fear, 20 Years After a Massacre


The frenzied hunt for an armed woman drove fears that Columbine still had the power to captivate would-be attackers, and that the community would never be free.

Retro Report: 20 Years After Columbine, What Have We Learned?


A horrifying mass shooting that unfolded onscreen in real time has become a recurring nightmare with a well-worn script.

New next-gen Army 50mm cannon destroys targets in live-fire demo

By Kris Osborn

As a small ball of fire shot out of the end of a new 50mm cannon, a cloud of smoke filled the air and, in what seemed like less than one second, an explosion of smoke and fire destroyed a mock enemy target from hundreds of yards away -- on the other side of an Arizona desert valley.

Air Force F-16 gets F-35 sensors, weapons and radar

By Kris Osborn

The Air Force is giving its 1970s-era F-16 fighter F-35 technology as part of a massive fleet-wide overhaul intended to improve targeting, attack precision and computer systems -- and extend the fighter’s combat life all the way into the 2040s.

C-130 gets new 'electronic propeller controls' to fly into 2030s

By Kris Osborn

The Air Force plans to fly its war-tested 1950s-era C-130 aircraft well into the 2030s and beyond through a sweeping, multi-pronged technical overhaul, designed to enable the propeller-flown aircraft to perform its high-risk troop transport and combat support missions for decades to come.

Is the Air Force 'accelerating' the B-21 futuristic long range bomber?

By Kris Osborn

The Air Force appears to have completed its Critical Design Review of the emerging B-21 bomber, inspiring confidence and optimism that a new-generation of stealth will be ready for war by the mid-2020s, and beyond.

Submarine surge: Why the Navy plans 32 new attack subs by 2034

By Kris Osborn

Destroying enemy surface ships and submarines, “spying” close to enemy shores, bringing massive firepower to strategic areas and launching deadly undersea drones are all missions the Navy hopes to see more of in the future -- as the service plans to add as many as 32 attack submarines in just the next 15 years.