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'Pooled testing' for COVID-19 holds promise, pitfalls

By Matthew Perrone

The nation's top health officials are banking on a new approach to dramatically boost U.S. screening for the coronavirus: combining test samples in batches instead of running them one by one.

Netanyahu signals possible delay in Israel's West Bank annexation plan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that discussions with the U.S. on his plan to annex occupied West Bank territory would continue “in the coming days,” indicating he would miss a July 1 target date for beginning the controversial process.

Virus testing, tracking still plagued by reporting delays

By Christina A. Cassidy

An AP survey found it sometimes still takes days for coronavirus test results to be returned, despite an increase in the availability of testing across the country.

Congo announces end to 2nd deadliest Ebola outbreak ever

Eastern Congo marked an official end Thursday to the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history, which killed 2,280 people over nearly two years, as armed rebels and community mistrust undermined the promise of new vaccines.

Manhunt underway after officer killed, another wounded in New Zealand: report

By Nick Perry

An unarmed police officer was shot and killed and another was wounded after they tried to pull over a car in New Zealand's largest city Friday morning, police said. A large search was being conducted in Auckland for the alleged shooter and another person who escaped in a second car.

US offers $10M rewards each for arrests of 2 Colombian rebel chiefs

The United States is offering rewards of up to $10 million each for the arrests of two prominent Colombian rebels who were key figures in the nation’s historic peace process but have since returned to arms.

Grave of enslaved African man vandalized in 'retaliation' after UK statue toppled

British officials said Thursday the grave of an enslaved African man has been vandalized in an apparent “retaliation attack” after protesters in the city of Bristol toppled the statue of a prominent slave trader.

Race for virus vaccine could leave some countries behind

As the race intensifies for a vaccine against the new coronavirus, rich countries are rushing to place advance orders for the inevitably limited supply to guarantee their citizens get immunized first — leaving significant questions about whether developing countries will get any vaccines in time to save lives before the pandemic ends.

The A.P. Apologizes for β€˜Thought for Today’ From Jefferson Davis

By Rachel Abrams

The wire service, which serves more than 2,000 newspapers, published a quotation from the leader of the Confederacy on his birth date. It ran in dozens of papers.

Rob Manfred says there might not be an MLB season

Commissioner Rob Manfred says there might be no major league season after a breakdown in talks between teams and the union on how to split up money in a season delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The league also said several players have tested positive for COVID-19.

Minimizing everyday coronavirus risk: CDC posts long-awaited tips, guidelines

By Mike Stobbe

The CDC offered long-awaited guidance about how to reduce risk of coronavirus infection for Americans who are attempting some semblance of normal life.