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Women Are Fleeing Death at Home. The U.S. Wants to Keep Them Out.

By Azam Ahmed and Meridith Kohut and Daniel Berehulak

Violence against women is driving an exodus of migrants from Central America, but the Trump administration is determined to deny them asylum.

U.S. Can Block Migrants Seeking Asylum, but Only in Some States, Appeals Court Rules

By Michael D. Shear

The ruling is a partial victory for the Trump administration because it allows a stricter set of rules to go into effect, but only in New Mexico and Texas.

In Ciudad JuΓ‘rez, Migrants Dream of America but β€˜Run Into Trump’s Wall’

By Elisabeth Malkin

President Trump’s strict anti-immigration policies mean that a growing number of migrants are stranded in Mexican cities like Ciudad Juárez.

In Court Without a Lawyer: The Consequences of Trump’s β€˜Remain in Mexico’ Plan

By Miriam Jordan

A new Trump administration immigration initiative is forcing many asylum seekers stuck in Mexico to navigate the court system without representation.

Why Trump’s Cruelty Doesn’t Deter Migrants

By Fernando Chang-Muy and Adam Garnick

We told Hondurans of harsh U.S. asylum policies. They said it was still better than facing poverty and death threats at home.

The U.S. and Guatemala Reached an Asylum Deal: Here’s What It Means

By Kirk Semple

President Trump says the deal will take effect soon. But there are still major obstacles to clear — and uncertainty about its potential effectiveness.

After Tariff Threat, Trump Says Guatemala Has Agreed to New Asylum Rules

By Michael D. Shear, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Elisabeth Malkin

The administration has signed an agreement with Guatemala to require migrants who travel through that country to seek asylum there instead of in the United States.

65 Migrants Were Picked Up at Sea. Then the Politics Began.

By Neil Collier, Yousur Al-Hlou and Jacob LaMendola

We went onboard a ship that rescues migrants in the Mediterranean and witnessed a standoff between the captain and Italian officials, who view the crew as criminals.