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Dad’s in Prison, Mom Was on Parole. Their Son Is Now Running for D.A.

By Tim Arango

In San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, whose parents were in the radical Weather Underground, wants to join the growing ranks of prosecutors who have direct experience with the prison system.

Michigan Attorney General Announces First Arrests in Catholic Clergy Abuse Investigation

By Elizabeth Dias

Five former Catholic priests have been charged with criminal sexual conduct, and Michigan officials are still examining hundreds of tips.

Nationwide Injunctions Speak to Judiciary’s Growing Power, Barr Says

By Katie Benner

The broad use of such injunctions illustrates how the federal district courts have undermined executive authority, the attorney general said in a speech on Tuesday evening.

California Law Says He Isn’t a Murderer. Prosecutors Disagreed.


When lawmakers said accomplices are not as culpable for a death as the actual killer, Neko Wilson was the first person released. Prosecutors argued he should return to jail, but a judge disagreed.

We Prosecute Murder Without the Victim’s Help. Why Not Domestic Violence?


For years, cases in which victims didn’t want to cooperate were simply tossed out. Then a dedicated group of prosecutors found a better way.

Richard A. Brown, Queens District Attorney, Dies at 86


Some of Mr. Brown’s high-profile prosecutions involved police officers accused of unjustified killings.