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Woman upset over Cherry Cola Oreo flavor, claims she came up with idea

By Michael Bartiromo

A woman from Colorado appears to have a pretty good reason to be upset over Oreo’s newest flavors. And no, it’s not because of their taste.

Plane ends up nose-first in Tennessee River after pilot overshoots runway

By Michael Bartiromo

The pilot of a single-engine Cirrus SR22 ended up sliding into the water after a botched landing at Knoxville’s Island Home Airport on Sunday night.

'Star Wars' film's new product tie-in hits grocery stores, makes too much sense

By Michael Bartiromo

In honor of the upcoming film “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” Walt Disney Studios has teamed up with the Solo Cup Company to put a young Han Solo’s face on specially decorated packages of Solo cups.

American Airlines flight returns to Chicago over 'smoke in cockpit,' passenger says

By Michael Bartiromo

American Airlines Flight 2587, an Airbus 321 carrying 175 passengers and six crew members, had left from O’Hare at 8:09 a.m. local time and returned just over an hour later at 9:13, according to data from Flight Aware.

Water pressure restored to Philadelphia airport bathrooms after reports of 'feces' everywhere

By Michael Bartiromo

The airport confirmed later that night that pressure to the terminals’ bathrooms had been restored, but not before passengers began tweeted about the less-than-sanitary conditions.