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Catch a Buzz With Two New Books About Bugs

By Sam Kean

In “The Mosquito,” Timothy Winegard examines the history of man’s “deadliest predator.” In “Buzz, Sting, Bite,” Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson looks at how insects have shaped human civilization.

Bees Swarm Berlin, Where Beekeeping Is Booming

By Christopher F. Schuetze and Palko Karasz

Berlin has more honeybee hives than it can manage, and experts say many of the beekeepers do not have enough time or training for the hobby.

Seeking a Culprit When Bumblebee Carcasses Pile Up

By JoAnna Klein

Blame the linden trees? Maybe pesticides left by humans? Or is nature just cruel sometimes?

β€˜Honeyland’ Review: The Sting and the Sweetness

By A.O. Scott

A documentary about a Macedonian beekeeper’s conflict with her neighbors becomes a lyrical environmental fable.

These Animal Migrations Are Huge β€” and Invisible

By Carl Zimmer

Swarms of insects move across continents each year. Scientists used radar to track one species and discovered a vast ecological force.

The Moon Eclipsed the Sun. Then the Bees Stopped Buzzing.


Researchers worked with a small army of elementary school children to collect audio recordings of bees as they visited flowers along the path of last summer’s total eclipse.

Q. AND A.: For a Hotel Beekeeper, Honey Is Just the Beginning


Noel Patterson educates guests at the Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson on the importance of bees, leads tastings and encourages backyard hives.