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Why Bernie Sanders Stood Out at the Iowa State Fair

By Sydney Ember

Most candidates go to the fair to establish human connections with voters. Mr. Sanders’s approach underscored how his campaign is focused primarily on championing ideas.

At Iowa’s Wing Ding Dinner, Democrats Assail G.O.P. on Gun Control

By Lisa Lerer and Reid J. Epstein

Nearly all of the 2020 Democratic candidates gave speeches at the annual event, and while many joked about the size of the field, most sought to contrast themselves with President Trump.

Four Democratic Candidates Call on Walmart to Stop Selling Guns

By Thomas Kaplan

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were among the candidates to speak out after the mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso last weekend.

Debates and More Debates: This Week in the 2020 Race

By Matt Stevens and Maggie Astor

Sanders and Warren dominated Night 1. Biden, Booker and Harris were the focus of Night 2. We’ll do it all again in September.

What We Learned From the July Democratic Debates

By Sydney Ember, Katie Glueck and Astead W. Herndon

With at least four candidates in strong contention for the nomination, the race is anyone’s to win.