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Australian woman jailed for lying on resume to land $185G job

By Bradford Betz

An Australian woman was sentenced Tuesday to at least one year in prison for lying on her resume to land a $185,000 a year government job, according to a report.

White House, in fiery letter, declares Trump won’t participate in House Judiciary impeachment hearing

By Gregg Re

The White House announced in a fiery letter Sunday night that President Trump and his lawyers won't participate in the House Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing scheduled for Wednesday -- even accusing the panel's Democratic chairman, Jerry Nadler, of "purposely" scheduling the proceedings when Trump would be attending the NATO Leaders' Meeting in London.

South Korean military fires warning shots at North Korean ship over boundary dispute

By Bradford Betz

South Korea on Wednesday fired warning shots at a North Korean merchant ship for allegedly crossing into the south’s sea boundary said, Seoul officials said.

Iraqi protesters block major port, halt commercial activity amid ongoing demonstrations

By Bradford Betz

Anti-government protesters in Iraq Tuesday blocked the country’s second largest commercial port, bringing commerce to a standstill as ongoing demonstrations against corruption continue.

Iranian protests over hiked fuel prices kill at least 106 people, Amnesty International says

By Bradford Betz

Days of protests in Iran over increased fuel prices and the government’s subsequent crackdown have left at least 106 people dead, according to conservative estimates from Amnesty International.

Trump administration sanctions 5 Venezuelan officials

By Bradford Betz

The Trump administration on Tuesday imposed sanctions on five Venezuelan officials for allegedly committing violence against opposition protesters or having benefitted from the "corrupt" government of Nicolás Maduro, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Mitt Romney slams Trump for withdrawing US troops from Syria, says cease-fire β€˜far from a victory’

By Bradford Betz

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, on Thursday slammed the Trump administration, calling the recently announced ceasefire between Turkey and Kurdish-led forces in Syria "far from a victory."  

Mexico halts caravan of 2,000 migrants bound for US; critics call roundup a 'human hunt'

By Bradford Betz

A caravan of roughly 2,000 migrants bound for the United States early Saturday was halted by Mexican authorities only a few hours into their journey, according to witnesses cited by Reuters.

White House petition asking US to recognize Taiwan surpasses 100K signatures

By Bradford Betz

A White House petition calling for the United States to recognize Taiwan as an independent country surpassed 100,000 signatures over the weekend, a threshold that will require an official response from the Trump administration within 60 days.

Florida woman’s arm, foot severed by plane propeller: police Β 

By Bradford Betz

A Florida woman lost her arm and foot after getting off a private plane at Key West International Airport on Saturday, police said.  

Iran lifts 40-year ban on women entering football stadiums

By Bradford Betz

Iranian women will be allowed to enter a football stadium this week for the first time in nearly 40 years after pressure from soccer’s governing body FIFA forced Iran to lift its male-only policy, according to FIFA and state-run media.

Whistleblower wrote memo after learning of Ukraine call, saying WH official called it 'crazy,' 'frightening'

By Catherine Herridge

EXCLUSIVE: Immediately after learning second-hand information from a White House official about President Trump’s July 25 phone call with the president of Ukraine, the first whistleblower wrote a dramatic personal memo, saying the White House official characterized the call as “crazy” and “frightening,” Fox News has learned.

At least 31 dead in Iraq as anti-government protests grip country

By Bradford Betz

At least 31 people in Iraq have been killed and hundreds more wounded after three days of clashing between anti-government demonstrators and Iraqi security forces.

US airman stationed in Germany gets 5 years for recording women undress, shower in his house, report says

By Bradford Betz

A U.S. airman stationed in Germany was sentenced by a court-martial Thursday to five years in jail for using hidden cameras in his off-base house to record women who were his guests bathing or undressing while he was away, according to a report.

Moscow rally sees tens of thousands demanding Russian protesters' release

By Bradford Betz

Some 20,000 people rallied in downtown Moscow on Sunday to demand the release of protesters who were jailed during a wave of opposition demonstrations this summer.