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A Memory Card Led to His Arrest in One Killing. Now, He’s Charged in Another.

By Aimee Ortiz

An Anchorage man was charged with murder after a digital memory card containing images of a brutal attack was found. Officials say he has confessed to an earlier killing.

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No escape from the hostile environment

By Roger Casale

The UK's offer of settled status to EU citizens may have seemed like a change of tack in its migration policy but there are many causes for anxiety, writes Roger Casale.

You’re in a Police Lineup, Right Now

By Clare Garvie

Face-recognition technology is the new norm. You may think, “I’ve got nothing to hide,” but we all should be concerned.

Brexit causes status anxiety among EU nationals in the UK

By Benjamin Fox

The negotiations on a Brexit Withdrawal Agreement have been painfully slow and often rancorous, but ministers have always insisted that the rights of EU nationals living in the UK will be protected. But despite all pledges, including from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, there is continuing anxiety on all sides.

Justin Trudeau’s Conservative Rival Discloses He Has Dual U.S. Citizenship

By Ian Austen

The revelation of Andrew Scheer’s dual citizenship could complicate his efforts to paint his rival, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as inauthentic.

Labour vows to give EU nationals vote in UK general elections

By Benjamin Fox

The prospect of EU nationals being able to vote in UK elections has increased after the opposition Labour party adopted new policy to guarantee EU and third-country nationals voting rights in all elections.