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Risky Strategy by Many Private Colleges Leaves Them Exposed

By Kevin Carey

Chasing after a shrinking pool of wealthy students by increasing spending, and now vulnerable to closure because of the pandemic.

Falling Into the Gap Year

By Alyson Krueger

With next semester a question mark, more graduating high school seniors are considering deferring college. But what will they do instead?

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U.S. to Expel Chinese Graduate Students With Ties to China’s Military Schools

By Edward Wong and Julian E. Barnes

The move is the latest in the Trump administration’s efforts to impose limits on Chinese students. But university officials say the government is paranoid, and that the United States will lose out.

It’s Not Too Late to Get a Virtual Internship

By Lisa Heffernan

Here’s how college students whose summer plans fell through can line up virtual internships.

Scattered to the Winds, College Students Mourn Lost Semester

By Anemona Hartocollis

The unpredictability of life during the pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it has caused particular stress for many college students.

We’re Reopening Notre Dame. It’s Worth the Risk.

By John I. Jenkins

Informed by the best medical advice we can find, we believe we can keep our campus environment healthy.

The Future of College Is Online, and It’s Cheaper

By Hans Taparia

The coronavirus forced a shift to virtual classes, but their continuation could be beneficial even after the pandemic ends.

Why Is the SAT Falling Out of Favor?

By Shawn Hubler

The University of California will no longer use SAT and ACT scores in admissions decisions. Critics say the tests put less wealthy students at a disadvantage.

University of California Will End Use of SAT and ACT in Admissions

By Shawn Hubler

The change is expected to accelerate the momentum of American colleges away from the tests, amid concern that they are unfair to poor, black and Hispanic students.

Cambridge University Will Hold Its Lectures Online Next Year

By Stephen Castle

Colleges and universities around the world, confronting the coronavirus pandemic, are studying whether and how to move forward with classes next year.

Newly Minted Artists, Facing a Precarious Future, Take Action

By Hilarie M. Sheets

How do you get discovered in a teetering art world? Graduating students organize shows with peers, team up with dealers — and lobby for relief funds. Will they bring change?

Coaches of Storied Cheerleading Team Fired After Hazing Scandal

By Neil Vigdor

A three-month investigation also found alcohol use and public nudity by students on the University of Kentucky team, the school said.