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May comes up empty-handed as she launches last ditch Brexit tour

By Benjamin Fox

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to emerge empty-handed from a whistle-stop tour of European capitals where she seeks further concessions from EU leaders to salvage her unpopular Brexit deal.

With Brexit Deal in Peril, Theresa May Scrambles to Save It


Britain’s prime minister set off Tuesday on a series of flying visits with E.U. leaders, seeking ways to increase domestic support for her withdrawal agreement.

Theresa May buys one last chance after shelving Brexit vote

By Benjamin Fox

UK Prime Minister Theresa May told MPs on Monday (10 December) that she would return to Brussels to seek new concessions on the Irish ‘backstop’ as she postponed a vote in parliament to give herself one last chance to salvage her battered Brexit deal.

May rejects plea to delay Brexit vote

By Benjamin Fox

Theresa May rejected calls to delay a vote by MPs on her Brexit deal but left open the possibility to give lawmakers a vote on whether to enter into the Northern Ireland backstop on Thursday (6 December).

Brexit Deal Has the Backing of E.U. Leaders. What Happens Now?


Prime Minister Theresa May obtained the approval of the other 27 European Union members for Britain’s divorce from the bloc. But she still has hurdles to overcome at home.

The Empress’s new Brexit clothes

By Benjamin Fox

One single sentence devoted to space activities in the EU-UK political declaration states that “the Parties should consider appropriate arrangements for co-operation on space”. Nothing better sums up the 26-page declaration on post-Brexit relations: it promises everything and nothing.