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Audio Captured Iran Plane Downing: β€˜That Surely Is the Light From a Missile’

By Andrew E. Kramer

Air traffic tapes recorded an exchange between an Iranian controller and a stunned pilot who saw a nearby plane blown up in midair.

The Sea Wall That Trump Calls β€˜Foolish’

By Azi Paybarah

The Army Corps of Engineers is looking at several plans, and all but one of them involve some kind of wall.

The $119 Billion Sea Wall That Could Defend New York … or Not

By Anne Barnard

A six-mile-long barrier would help protect the city from floodwaters during fierce storms like Sandy, but critics say rising seas make the option inadequate.

Fitzhugh Mullan, Foe of Health Care Disparities, Dies at 77

By Neil Genzlinger

As a doctor, he saw the inequities in the system at first hand; as a writer and administrator, he called them out.

My Neighborhood Was on Fire. My Neighbors Came Together to Save It.

By Robert Spangle

I spent five days last year fighting the California wildfires in Malibu. It felt like the combat patrols I had been on as a Marine in Afghanistan.

A Space Force? The Idea May Have Merit, Some Say


The Pentagon has been cool to the president’s order to create a sixth military branch. But some lawmakers and aerospace experts, citing threats from Russia and China, say a case could be made for one.