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Denver Mayor Says Pit Bull Ban Will Stand

By Michael Levenson

Mayor Michael B. Hancock said he would veto a measure passed by the City Council that would have repealed the city’s 30-year ban on pit bulls.

She Pulled Rank to Avoid a $50 Ticket. Now She’ll Pay a $5,000 Fine.

By Jeffery C. Mays

Vanessa L. Gibson, a councilwoman from the Bronx, called the commanding officer of the 44th Precinct in 2014 after she was pulled over for using a cellphone while driving.

UN Security Council calls for β€˜lasting ceasefire’ in Libya

By Georgi Gotev

The UN Security Council on Wednesday (12 February) adopted a resolution calling for a "lasting ceasefire" in war-torn Libya, where a fragile truce has been in place since January.

Palestinian Leader Denounces Trump’s Mideast Plan at U.N.

By Rick Gladstone

President Mahmoud Abbas called the Trump plan an illegitimate, one-sided proposal that rewards Israel’s occupation.

Commission warns of Green Deal failure if Transition Fund not well financed

By Jorge Valero

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned on Wednesday (12 February) that the  European Green Deal would fail if member states declined to provide the necessary funds to workers and regions affected by the climate transition.

Palestinian president dismisses Trump's Mideast peace plan at UN Security Council meeting

By Ben Evansky

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday and, as expected, again rejected the Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan unveiled two weeks ago at the White House, saying the U.S. cannot be the sole mediator in the peace process.

Trump’s War Against β€˜the Deep State’ Enters a New Stage

By Peter Baker

The suggestion that Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman should now face punishment by the Pentagon was one sign of how determined the president is to even the scales after his impeachment.

Tom Ford’s β€˜Very L.A.’ Show

By Guy Trebay

The designer’s show during New York Fashion Week took place in Los Angeles. Jennifer Lopez, Lil Nas X and Tracee Ellis Ross all made the velvet-banquette scene.

Republican Senators Tried to Stop Trump From Firing Impeachment Witness

By Peter Baker, Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman

A handful of senators reached out to the White House to warn the president not to dismiss Gordon D. Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union who testified in the House hearings. But Mr. Trump went ahead anyway.