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Lack of Electricity in Mueller Testimony Short-Circuits Impeachment

By Carl Hulse

Robert S. Mueller III’s performance may not have ended chatter about impeachment, but his lack of revelations made a full House vote to impeach President Trump almost impossible.

Mueller’s Labored Performance Was a Departure From His Once-Fabled Stamina

By Sharon LaFraniere, Michael S. Schmidt, Noah Weiland and Adam Goldman

As special counsel, Mr. Mueller adopted a more hands-off style than when he was F.B.I. director, and it was on display Wednesday in his congressional appearances.

What We Learned From Mueller’s 7 Hours on Capitol Hill

By Nicholas Fandos

Robert S. Mueller III’s long-anticipated testimony before two House committees broke little new ground, but under questioning, the former special counsel had his moments.

Mueller Testified. Now What?

By Charles M. Blow

Will the results of this congressional hearing be enough for the Democratic leaders to pursue impeachment?