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Global Entry Ban: The Feud Between Trump and New York

By Rebecca Liebson

The president has become increasingly disillusioned with the state where he made his name and with the man who leads it, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Global Entry Ban: Cuomo Offers Compromise to Trump on N.Y. Applicants

By Jesse McKinley and Azi Paybarah

The governor will meet with the president on Thursday to discuss the ban on N.Y.-based applications to Trusted Traveler programs.

Global Entry: What to Know About the Enrollment Freeze

By Azi Paybarah

The Trump administration said the restriction on the travelers' program was in response to a new law in New York. Gov. Cuomo called it a form of "extortion."

New York to Sue Trump Administration Over Global Entry Freeze

By Luis FerrΓ©-SadurnΓ­

The lawsuit will challenge the federal government’s decision to bar New Yorkers from enrolling in programs that allow travelers to skip lines at airports.

β€˜Extortion’: N.Y. Assails Trump Administration Over Traveler Programs

By Jesse McKinley, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Annie Correal

Homeland Security officials accused New York of jeopardizing the country’s safety by restricting access to motor vehicle databases.

Freeze on Global Entry Enrollment for New Yorkers: What We Know

By Azi Paybarah

How does the suspension affect those currently enrolled, those who have applied and those who want to apply in the future?

Trump Administration Freezes Global Entry Enrollment in New York Over Immigration Law

By Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Jesse McKinley

The move escalates a clash between the administration and the state over a law that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

Crime Spikes. Is Bail Law to Blame?

By Azi Paybarah

Data showed that reported shootings, robberies and some other serious crimes increased last month compared with January 2019.

New York’s Subway Boss Quit: Will Your Commute Get Worse?

By Christina Goldbaum

Andy Byford has been praised for reversing the decline of the system. Now transit leaders “don’t want to lose the momentum.”

Andy Byford’s Work Is Not Done

By The Editorial Board

Now it’s up to Governor Cuomo to build on the departing subway chief’s impressive progress.

How to Fix a $6.1 Billion Budget Hole? Attack Health Care Spending

By Jesse McKinley and Luis FerrΓ©-SadurnΓ­

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to cut New York’s Medicaid costs by $2.5 billion.

Mayor de Blasio Offers β€˜Minimalist’ $95.3 Billion Budget, Warning of Cuts

By Emma G. Fitzsimmons and Jeffery C. Mays

The mayor proposed a city budget with the smallest percentage increase in his six years in office, fearing a state deficit.

Cuomo Threatens National Grid: Provide Gas or Lose Your License

By Michael Gold

The governor and the utility have been fighting for months over a proposed pipeline and a moratorium on new gas hookups.