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Deutsche Bank Caught Up in Scandal Over Malaysian 1MDB Fund

By Emily Flitter

Deutsche Bank is under federal investigation for its role in helping raise money that was funneled to Malaysia’s former prime minister.

Cities Need Affordable Housing, but Builders Want Big Profits. Can It Work?

By Eugene L. Meyer

Using government subsidies, tax credits and zoning changes, municipal leaders are encouraging developers to incorporate affordable housing into mixed-use projects.

More New Yorkers Embrace Solar Power

By C. J. Hughes

Owners of single-family houses across the city are installing solar panels to help shrink electric bills and carbon footprints.

Istanbul’s New Mayor Quickly Emerges as a Rival to Erdogan

By Carlotta Gall

Ekrem Imamoglu says he intends to use his robust victory as a mandate to push back against the president’s increasingly authoritarian rule.

β€˜Wolf of Wall Street’ Producer, Riza Aziz, Is Charged in Malaysia Fund Scandal

By Sharon Tan and Richard C. Paddock

Mr. Riza, whose stepfather is a former prime minister of Malaysia, pleaded not guilty to money-laundering charges in the disappearance of billions from a government fund.

Democrats Angered by HUD’s Hiring of Trump Aide Who Quit After Racist Posts

By Lola Fadulu and Glenn Thrush

Senate Democrats want to know why Eric Blankenstein, a former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau official, has been hired to an agency that enforces fair housing laws.

Please Stop Telling Me America Is Great

By Taige Jensen and Nayeema Raza

Politicians love to say it’s the greatest, but the numbers (and reality) don’t back them up.

How a Message of Unity and Mistakes by Erdogan Tipped the Istanbul Election

By Carlotta Gall

Ekrem Imamoglu shockingly won the city’s mayoralty in part by wooing the lower and middle-income voters who had powered President Erdogan’s rise.

networX. Inspiring Rural Europe [Promoted content]

By Evan Lamos, Michael Ball

networX was the largest gathering or rural development stakeholders in the current EU programming period. Over 400 participants from the EU and beyond gathered in Brussels for two days celebrating the results of the past ten years of rural networking...

An innovative partnership in the assistance programme for Syrian refugees in Turkey

By Alper Küçük and Nils Grede

Alper Küçük and Nils Grede provide insight into the use of the EU’s Facility for Refugees in Turkey, which enables much-needed cash transfers to one and a half million vulnerable refugees living in host communities in Turkey.

Dozens of Nursing Homes With HUD-Backed Mortgages Have β€˜Serious Deficiencies’

By Matthew Goldstein and Robert Gebeloff

A list of the most troubled nursing homes in the country includes 74 with mortgages insured by a federal government agency that stopped inspecting such homes several years ago.

Erdogan Faces Fallout After His Party’s Loss in Istanbul Mayor’s Race

By Carlotta Gall

The scale of the defeat for his party’s candidate was much larger than in the March election, which was canceled, reflecting anger among voters.

Turkey’s President Suffers Stinging Defeat in Istanbul Election Redo

By Carlotta Gall

Voters were outraged that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered a redo of the same election two months ago after his party lost control of Turkey’s largest city.

Erdogan’s Purges Leave Turkey’s Justice System Reeling

By Carlotta Gall

Around 4,000 judges have been purged since a failed 2016 coup and replaced with inexperienced judges operating in a climate of fear.