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For Nannies, Both a Job and a Family Can Abruptly Disappear

By Emily Bobrow

Nannies are often told they’re like members of the families they work for, but during a pandemic, they can be let go rather quickly.

U.K. Grants Asylum to Ex-Consulate Worker Who Told of Torture in China

By Austin Ramzy

Simon Cheng was held during the height of the Hong Kong protests last year, and his treatment highlighted concerns about China’s legal system.

Hong Kong Security Law Sends a Chill Over the City

By Vivian Wang and Alexandra Stevenson

Protesters deleted social media accounts, as formerly allowed speech suddenly became a potential crime. The chill over the city has booksellers, professors and nonprofits questioning their future.

We Socialize Bailouts. We Should Socialize Successes, Too.

By Mariana Mazzucato

Governments have spent trillions in tough times without creating structures that turn short-term fixes into a more inclusive economy.

UK dad turned in son, 18, to police after finding text admitting to rape

A United Kingdom father marched his son to a police station after he saw texts on the teen’s phone admitting to raping a girl, according to a report.

Five Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

By Martha Schwendener

Tracking contentious statues, a journal devoted to Pan-African culture, fashion designers who geek out on art and politics: Here are the Instagram accounts that brighten our art critic’s daily feed.

Texas Prosecutor Resigns Over Facebook Post About Nazi Germany

By Jacey Fortin

The post, shared last week by Kaylynn Williford, was criticized for appearing to equate protesters against racism and police brutality with Nazis who “tore down statues.”