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For Trump, Instinct After Florida Killings Is Simple: Protect Saudis

By David E. Sanger

Before issuing his own condolences, the president channeled the Saudi king’s, and avoided any discussion of the hard questions about why the U.S. is training Saudi officers.

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Buttigieg Struggles to Square Transparency With Nondisclosure Agreement

By Sydney Ember, Reid J. Epstein and Trip Gabriel

Mr. Buttigieg says he has no choice but to honor the agreement he signed while working for McKinsey & Company. Critics say it undermines his image of transparency.

Democrats’ Baffling 2020 Mess

By Frank Bruni

Four white front-runners, three of them 70 or older. What is this primary telling us?

Amid Rancor in House, It’s Quiet in the Halls of the Senate. Too Quiet.

By Carl Hulse

Senators, temporarily relegated to the sidelines as the House begins impeachment proceedings against President Trump, lament inaction as legislation languishes.

The Bowhunting Influencer of Iowa Democrats

By Sydney Ember

Rob Sand figured out how to win statewide office as a Democrat in Iowa, and now the presidential contenders are seeking his counsel — that is, when he isn’t deer hunting with bow and arrow.

Duncan Hunter to Resign Seat in Congress

By Tim Arango

The congressman had pleaded guilty this week to a federal charge of misusing campaign funds, and could go to prison.

G.O.P. Tactic on Impeachment: Turn Ukraine Allegations Against Biden

By Katie Glueck and Maggie Haberman

President Trump and his allies are pushing debunked claims of corruption by Mr. Biden as a counternarrative to impeachment.

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Claims of China’s Meddling Roil Taiwan Ahead of Elections

By Steven Lee Myers and Chris Horton

A would-be Chinese defector named two Hong Kong executives as acting as a front for Chinese intelligence agencies. The authorities in Taiwan had started tracking them in 2016.

Labour uses leaked document to accuse Johnson of lying about post-Brexit customs checks

By Benjamin Fox

The opposition Labour party has used a leaked government document to accuse Boris Johnson of lying about new customs checks between Northern Ireland and Britain..

What Bloomberg Said About His 2020 Rivals in a TV Interview

By Matt Stevens

Michael Bloomberg said other Democrats “had a chance to go out and make a lot of money” themselves, and then use it to fund their campaigns.

The Candidates: Bernie Sanders

We spoke with the Vermont senator about his journey from the fringes of American politics to the forefront — and the ideas that shaped him along the way.

Why the β€˜Wokest’ Candidates Are the Weakest

By Jamelle Bouie

If the fantasy that Democrats are all zealots were reality, the primary campaign would have turned out quite differently.

Buttigieg, Sanders and Warren Debate: Free College for Some or for All?

By Maggie Astor

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want to make public college free for everyone, even the wealthy. But Pete Buttigieg, who wants an income limit, is attacking their plans.