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On a real life field of dreams Steve Scalise 'goes the distance'

By Lauren DeBellis Appell

No matter what side of the political aisle you’re on, you couldn’t help but root for the team led by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., when players took to the field for the annual charity baseball game between House Democrats and Republicans this week.

Bill Clinton thinks HE’S the victim… in the age of #MeToo -- Will he ever grow up?

By Lauren DeBellis Appell

In an NBC “Today” interview this week, former President Bill Clinton had his arrogant and misogynistic behavior on full display when asked about the Monica Lewinsky scandal during his presidency. He demonstrated that nothing has changed since he left office.

Samantha Bee hits Ivanka Trump with a filthy sexist attack -- The silence on the left is deafening

By Lauren DeBellis Appell

In her show “Full Frontal” on TBS Wednesday, Trump-hating left-wing comedian Samantha Bee used an obscene and sexist term in a disgusting attack on President Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka, calling her a “feckless c---.”

Antenna Group restructures in Greece

By Chris Dziadul

Antenna Group has restructured two roles within its senior management team to support growing ambitions in both local and international markets.

Stratis Liarellis, currently MD at Antenna Television in Greece, has been promoted to executive director of Group Policy at Antenna Group. In the newly created role,Liarellis will be responsible for driving the group’s growth in Greece by identifying new business opportunities, diversifying its Greek operations and delivering local strategic direction as well as overall responsibility for the group’s public affairs remit in Greece.
In addition, Antenna’s General commercial manager Tassos Michalakis has been promoted to MD of Antenna Greece. Michalakis will be responsible for the company’s free-to-air channel ANT1 TV, as well as the wider group’s growing digital portfolio which include the recently launched SVOD service, Ant1 Next, as well as its OTT service Netwix and a number of other digital assets. The new role will also see Tassos charged with identifying new opportunities within the digital space, as well as providing strategic oversight of the company’s operations in Greece and streamlining operations across linear and digital brands.
Since joining Antenna Group, Liarellis has played a vital role in driving Antenna Group’s local growth, providing strategic direction and insight as the company grew its brands and operations in the region.
Michalakis joined Antenna Group in September 2015 from Tempo OMD. Since then, he has reorganised the company’s commercial department to deliver record revenues across all media, while also increasing efficiency and cementing critical commercial partnerships.