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Today β€” November 20th 2019Your RSS feeds

4 Democratic Candidates Push NBC on Eve of Debate

By Michael M. Grynbaum

Citing harassment allegations at the network, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren urged its parent, Comcast, to conduct an independent review.

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The Suburban Office Park, an Aging Relic, Seeks a Comeback

By Amanda Abrams

After losing tenants to revitalized downtowns over the last decade, developers are adding modern amenities to secluded campuses.

Amazon Deforestation in Brazil Rose Sharply on Bolsonaro’s Watch

By Ernesto LondoΓ±o and LetΓ­cia Casado

President Jair Bolsonaro has scaled back efforts to fight illegal logging, mining and farming, which have led to widespread destruction in the world’s largest rainforest.

California to Stop Buying From Automakers That Backed Trump on Emissions

By Coral Davenport

California, hitting back at automakers that sided with President Trump, will not buy from manufacturers that do not recognize its authority to set emissions standards.

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2 Arkansas Chemistry Professors Face Charges of Making Meth

By Johnny Diaz

The arrests called to mind the wildly popular television series “Breaking Bad.”

German ministers urge EU to lead the way at COP25 in Madrid

By Florence Schulz

At a Berlin conference to prepare for the UN's annual climate summit (COP25), Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stressed the EU's responsibility in closing the Paris Climate Agreement's remaining gaps, particularly by raising the targets at EU level. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Greta Thunberg to set sail back to Europe sooner than expected

By Brie Stimson

Climate activist Greta Thunberg plans to set sail for Spain Wednesday after the venue for United Nations-sponsored climate talks were moved from Chile due to political unrest.

Greta Thunberg Sets Sail, Again, After Climate Talks Relocate

By Somini Sengupta

Ms. Thunberg, who doesn’t fly, found herself suddenly needing a ride across the Atlantic when United Nations climate talks were moved on short notice.