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Sweden’s Ex-Ambassador to China Is Cleared of Wrongdoing

By Christina Anderson and Marc Santora

Anna Lindstedt was found not guilty of overstepping the boundaries of her role when she arranged secret meetings over the fate of a Hong Kong bookseller and Swedish citizen who remains detained in China.

Major Explosion Rocks Iran Again, the 3rd Blast in 3 Weeks

By Farnaz Fassihi

The precise location of Friday’s explosion was unclear, but analysts said there are several military and training facilities in the area.

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Russia Bounty on Americans: Afghan Acted as Middleman

By Mujib Mashal, Eric Schmitt, Najim Rahim and Rukmini Callimachi

A small-time businessman became a key middleman for bounties on coalition troops in Afghanistan, U.S. intelligence reports say. Friends saw him grow rich, but didn’t know how.

Why Does Trump Put Russia First?

By Susan E. Rice

It’s exceedingly difficult to believe that no one told the president about the intelligence on Russian efforts to harm Americans in Afghanistan.

Russian Bounty Suspicions Were Supported by Financial Data

By Charlie Savage, Mujib Mashal, Rukmini Callimachi, Eric Schmitt and Adam Goldman

Analysts have used other evidence to conclude that the transfers were most likely part of an effort to offer payments to Taliban-linked militants to kill American and coalition troops in Afghanistan.

After Iranian Missile Facility Blows Up, Conspiracy Theories Abound in Tehran

By David E. Sanger, Ronen Bergman and Farnaz Fassihi

Satellite photographs show the explosion happened at a missile production facility. Iran said the episode was a gas explosion at a different military base.

Australian Politician’s Home Raided in Chinese Influence Inquiry

By Damien Cave

The case is the first high-profile criminal investigation of Chinese influence peddling to be made public since Australia passed foreign interference laws two years ago.