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Tinker, Tailor, Writer, Spy

By Tobias Grey

John le Carré takes aim at Brexit and Boris Johnson in his new novel, “Agent Running in the Field.”

This C.I.A. Agent Wants to Give Peace a Chance

By Amy Chozick

Amaryllis Fox opens up about espionage, government-issued sex and coming of age in her memoir, “Life Undercover.”

Iranian Hackers Target Trump Campaign as Threats to 2020 Mount

By Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger

The news, according to two people with knowledge of the attacks, followed a Microsoft report that said hackers had targeted a campaign, U.S. officials and journalists.

Brother of Iran’s President Is Sentenced to Prison for Corruption

By Michael Wolgelenter

President Hassan Rouhani campaigned on a promise to fight corruption, but long-running accusations against his brother have undermined him politically.

Trump Attacks Whistle-Blower’s Sources and Alludes to Punishment for Spies

By Maggie Haberman and Katie Rogers

“You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies and treason, right?” the president asked a room full of American diplomats.

Joseph Maguire, Acting D.N.I., Holds His Ground

By Julian E. Barnes and Adam Goldman

Mr. Maguire became the acting director of national intelligence last month. Almost immediately, a whistle-blower complaint plunged him into crisis.