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Global Entry Ban: The Feud Between Trump and New York

By Rebecca Liebson

The president has become increasingly disillusioned with the state where he made his name and with the man who leads it, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Global Entry Ban: Cuomo Offers Compromise to Trump on N.Y. Applicants

By Jesse McKinley and Azi Paybarah

The governor will meet with the president on Thursday to discuss the ban on N.Y.-based applications to Trusted Traveler programs.

New York to Sue Trump Administration Over Global Entry Freeze

By Luis FerrΓ©-SadurnΓ­

The lawsuit will challenge the federal government’s decision to bar New Yorkers from enrolling in programs that allow travelers to skip lines at airports.

Trump Administration Threatens California Over Abortion

By Pam Belluck

If the state doesn’t stop requiring private insurers to cover abortions, the administration said it will cut off federal funding for certain health programs.

White House Pressed Car Makers to Join Its Fight Over California Emissions Rules

By Coral Davenport and Hiroko Tabuchi

Monday’s surprise move by G.M., Toyota and other car makers to back President Trump in his fight with California over pollution rules followed calls from the White House.

A β€˜Chilling Message’: Trump Critics See a Deeper Agenda in California Feud

By Coral Davenport

From Pennsylvania to New Mexico, the collateral damage to other states is mounting in President Trump's regulatory and environmental feud with California. 

Trump Administration Threatens to Cut U.S. Highway Funds From California

By Coral Davenport

Saying California has the worst air quality in the country, the E.P.A. chief fires the latest salvo in an escalating battle over clean air and states’ rights.