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Mother Is Charged in Death of Boy Swept Away by Hurricane Floodwaters


The authorities in two states are grappling with the culpability of drivers who went past barricades, became trapped in flooding and could not save their passengers.

North Carolina mom whose son, 1, was swept away in Florence floodwaters faces charges

By Katherine Lam

A North Carolina mother faces charges after her 1-year-old son was swept away and drowned in Florence floodwaters last month, police announced Monday.

Essay: My Very Personal Taste of Racism Abroad


For an African-American woman, a study-abroad program in Italy led to an eye-opening experience. “Disgusting black women” were the stinging words of one racial encounter.

South Carolina Police Officer, Ambushed by Gunman With 129 Firearms, Dies 3 Weeks After Attack


Farrah Turner of the Florence County Sheriff’s Office was shot along with six other officers while trying to serve a warrant in a sexual assault case.

Why the Wilder Storms? It’s a β€˜Loaded Dice’ Problem


Global warming is bringing an era of wilder, more dangerous rains. The good news is that we’re getting better at evacuating flood zones. The bad news is everything else.

North Carolina residents should avoid Florence-affected waters, officials say

By Madeline Farber

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, the North Carolina Coastal Federation on Thursday issued a strong warning for residents hoping to take a swim: Stay out of ocean and intracoastal waters.

News Analysis: Humans Are Making Hurricanes Worse. Here’s How.


We’re making natural disasters unnaturally harmful, scientists say. And the number of ways we’re doing it is fairly astonishing.

Lagoons of Pig Waste Are Overflowing After Florence. Yes, That’s as Nasty as It Sounds.


At least 110 lagoons in North Carolina have either released pig waste into the environment or are at imminent risk of doing so, according to state officials.

Florence could sweep venomous snakes into floodwaters

By Madeline Farber

Tropical Storm Florence made landfall Friday, bringing powerful storm surges and catastrophic flooding with it. But in addition to the destruction, the storm could also bring a wave of venomous snakes.