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France Judges Dead Jihadists but Refuses to Repatriate the Living

By Constant MΓ©heut

With public opinion firmly against allowing the return of those who left to fight in Syria and Iraq, the French justice system finds itself facing the strange concept of the “ghost trial.”

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End Your Meal Elegantly With Candied Oranges

By Gabrielle Hamilton

They are as beautiful as French glacéed fruits but easier to make and much more refreshing.

France bets on development of biocontrol to solve pesticide problem

By Cécile Barbière

Having struggled to reduce the use of plant protection products, France intends to work twice as hard on the development of so-called 'biocontrol' methods. Besides, it is pushing to develop more favourable rules at the European level for the industry. EURACTIV France reports.

Borrell buys time for dispute mechanism talks on Iran

By Alexandra Brzozowski

The remaining parties to the Iran nuclear deal will meet next month to debate the way forward with the accord, EU's diplomatic chief Josep Borrell announced on Friday (24 January), after Britain, France and Germany launched a dispute process against Tehran.

Gaultier’s Great Goodbye

By Vanessa Friedman

After 50 years, the designer held his last show, and it was a doozy.

French, Dutch smash huge migrant smuggling ring to UK

By Georgi Gotev

French and Dutch police arrested 23 people on suspicion of smuggling 10,000 Kurdish migrants to Britain in refrigerated lorries and rubber boats, Europe's judicial agency said Wednesday (22 January).

France Says U.S. Talks Could Produce Agreement on Digital Taxes

By Keith Bradsher

France’s finance minister made the announcement a day after the two countries appeared to strike a temporary truce in a trans-Atlantic spat.

β€˜I Am Guilty. I Made Too Many Collections.’

By Vanessa Friedman

The designer Bouchra Jarrar is back with a new line and a new fashion philosophy.

France’s palm oil tax saga continues

By Aline Robert

French NGOs and multinational oil and gas company Total continue their arm-wrestling over the tax status of palm oil used in crop-based biofuels. EURACTIV France reports.

What Happened to Choupette?

By Dana Thomas

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, and rumored heir, has become a business unto herself.

Departing: Two Shopkeepers, Their Cat and Part of Paris’s Soul

By Liz Alderman

An influx of luxury stores is driving out local businesses in the Marais, the historic Jewish and L.G.B.T. center of Paris. Among the casualties is a minimart, run for more than 35 years by two Moroccan brothers.

France and U.S. Move Toward Temporary Truce in Trade War

By Liz Alderman

The détente emerged after Presidents Macron and Trump agreed to grant more time for talks over a global solution to taxing Amazon, Facebook and other digital giants.

If Women Ruled the World, What Would They Wear?

By Vanessa Friedman

From the goddess to the governess at Dior and Chanel, and beyond at Iris Van Herpen. At the couture shows this week in Paris, fashion designers begin to address reality.

Macron and Le Pen’s MEPs to be on equal footing after Brexit

By Cécile Barbière

Once the UK leaves the EU on 31 January, new MEPs will be taking up seats in the European Parliament. Due to its growing population, France will obtain five of 27 new seats. EURACTIV France reports.

Iran Acknowledges It Fired 2 Missiles at Ukrainian Jet

By Ben Hubbard

It also appeared to walk back a promise to send the jet’s data recorders abroad for analysis, asking the United States and France to send the necessary equipment to Iran instead.

French bio-waste finds second life in building insulation

By Cécile Barbière

By using hemp, brewers grains and spelt husk, many French SMEs are starting to manufacture natural insulation materials based on bio-sourced materials and biowaste, which have not previously been 're-purposed'. In other words, they are using 'green' alternative to conventional insulation. EURACTIV France reports.

EU’s Breton looking into β€˜non-conventional’ measures to finance Green Deal

By Aline Robert

The EU's internal market commissioner, Thierry Breton, suggests tapping into the ECB's "easy money" and issuing long-term bonds of up to 50 years in order to unlock the €1,000 billion needed to finance the European Green Deal. EURACTIV France reports.

Union Leader Emerges as the Public Face of French Strike

By Adam Nossiter

Philippe Martinez has used the strike to revive his moribund movement and rise as a visible counterpoint to President Emmanuel Macron.