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Protecting human dignity is the EU’s top job

By Alice Neffe

The 10th anniversary of the Charter of Fundamental Rights is a reminder that the EU's main priority is to ensure respect and protection of human dignity. writes Alice Neffe.

Lending a Hand, in New York and Beyond

By Elisha Brown and Sara Aridi

The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund kicks off its 108th annual campaign, adding Feeding America as a beneficiary.

Kickstarter Calls Itself Progressive. But About That Union.

By Michael Gold

A contentious organizing drive at the Brooklyn tech company has drawn in high-profile figures like the actor David Cross, the author Neil Gaiman and the cartoonist Matt Bors.

How to Invest When the Market Can’t Make Up Its Mind

By Graham Starr

The Federal Reserve’s rate cuts have buoyed stocks, but the economy shows signs of a slowdown. What should an investor do?

Deal Struck in Ecuador to Cancel Austerity Package and End Protests

By JosΓ© MarΓ­a LeΓ³n Cabrera and Clifford Krauss

Under the agreement, the president pledged to withdraw from an I.M.F.-backed program that raised fuel prices, and Indigenous leaders agreed to call off more protests.

Punches, Rages: Before Chinatown Killings, Suspect Grew Ever More Violent

By Edgar Sandoval, Nikita Stewart and Ashley Southall

Randy Santos is accused of going on a murderous rampage, killing four homeless men, after years of erratic behavior.

Billions of euros of EU funds misspent last year

By Georgi Gotev

More than €4 billion of European Union funds were misspent last year, EU auditors estimated in a report released on Tuesday (8 October), which highlighted poor checks in receiving states on how the bloc's funds are invested.

Loiseau: Without arms exports, there won’t be a European defence industry

By Alexandra Brzozowski

A newly created Commission department dedicated to the defence and space industries has given new momentum to the EU's defence union project. Nathalie Loiseau, head of the European Parliament’s defence committee, answered questions about where the sector is heading.

World Leaders Once Made Miracles, and Can Again

By Nicholas Kristof

Global programs founded in the 2000s have saved tens of millions of lives. We need new efforts today.

Two Blows Are Dealt to Ukrainian Leader’s Clean-Government Image

By Andrew E. Kramer

In a setback for President Volodymyr Zelensky, international lenders criticized government corruption and left Kiev without a deal. A top aide also stepped down.

Why Wall Street Loves Strongmen

By Ruchir Sharma

Markets are amoral and won’t complain about autocratic behavior if it produces economic growth.